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Gender theory also arrives by plane: Goodbye, ladies and gentlemen.

Gender theory also arrives by plane: Goodbye, ladies and gentlemen.

The perversion of political correctness has also affected airlines, as the new policy makes clear Lufthansa Greeting passengers when they pass the doors of incoming or departing aircraft. Indeed, on board the flights of the parent company and subsidiaries, the crew will soon no longer be able to use the classic and universal “ladies and gentlemen, welcome on board”. Reason? It will not be comprehensive enough for all genres.

So the airline decided, urging flight attendants and flight attendants to use a more general and neutral “welcome on board”. A sterile greeting, perhaps even with a smile, but it removes the little element of courtesy that satisfies passengers about to cross the plane doors. This is not a rumor spread among the workers on board and those on the ground, but it is new and was also confirmed by the spokesperson for the German company, Anya Stinger: “Diversity for us is not an empty phrase, from now on we want to express our interest in language“This is the company’s official statements to German media, although it has not been disclosed yet since the airline adopted the new salute.

The Lufthansa subsidiaries that will be required to adapt to the new politically correct standard imposed by the German airline are: Swiss and Austrian Airlines, Brussels and Eurowings. The language gender discrimination It states that staff on board will no longer deal with passengers who are called a lady or gentleman on any occasion, not even during the flight when their service is requested, when meals are served or when their interference is foreseeable. Flight attendants and flight attendants are expected to use a more neutral “nice client”. As the spokesperson explained, the personnel on board the aircraft will choose the salutation that will be used from time to time with the passengers. The options are the casual “hello”, or the more professional “good morning/good evening” depending on the time of day. Or, as we mentioned, just a “welcome on board.”

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Change that affects habits and leads to drift politically correct to a higher level. Now it remains to be seen whether other airlines will follow suit, and in order not to be accused of not being comprehensive enough, they will adopt the same approach or, alternatively, stick to their positions. There is also still the ticket node where the words “Mr” and “Mr” continue to appear in many cases. Will this change too?