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A delicious but dangerous marine fruit that you should pay attention to when swimming in the sea

A delicious but dangerous marine fruit that you should pay attention to when swimming in the sea

A little ‘everyone can deal with an unpleasant fit during a simple shower Big. Unintentionally putting your hand or foot on a rock where the sea urchin is located can be really annoying.

A bite of this delicious and dangerous sea fruit that you should watch out for while swimming in the sea can ruin your day and may send you to the hospital.

What happens if we inevitably stock ourselves with quills

Many of the feathers that make up the hedgehog are covered with poison and stick easily in the skin texture It causes severe pain.

Even if you don’t go deep water diving, a rock or inlet on the surface of the water can host one or more sea urchins. Their presence is often ignored, without paying special attention, precisely because they are not always clearly visible and can be confused with marine plants.

When the feathers coated with venom stick to the skin, they not only cause severe pain, but if not carefully removed, they can lead to infection.

Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to remove feathers carefully and as quickly as possible. One of the most important steps to doing this is not to break it. Moreover, it will be absolutely necessary not to push them too deeply, and possibly even walk on them.

A delicious but dangerous marine fruit that you should pay attention to when swimming in the sea

The procedure for removing a hedgehog sting is not always easy. The thorns did not always stop at the first layers of the epidermis or were from a mature hedgehog. Indeed, if it is a small hedgehog, then the quills are small and thinner, and it is very difficult not to break them and therefore easily remove them.

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In these cases, all you can do is go to the hospital and rely on the doctors. Unfortunately, when we try to remove a sting that breaks off and remains inside the epidermis, it can be subject to local tissue reactions.

In addition, the spine can walk and stabilize deeper, causing an injury or even resting on a nerve or bone. So it should not be neglected and removed as soon as possible.

Realizing that you have a urchin sting is very simple, the skin at that point looks bluish as well as localized pain at that point. Vinegar is an old grandmother’s remedy that relieves pain and dissolves superficial thorns. So if you wet the wound with a warm compress of vinegar a few times, it may be enough to get rid of the feathers.

Slowly, with the help of tweezers, carefully remove the fragile feathers that tend to break. When the feathers are well removed if the pain persists for a few more days, you need to go to the doctor. There may be a foreign body, such as a small piece of the sting still attached, that is causing this infection.

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