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"Stripping the News", Claudio Baglioni confiscated the book about him

“Stripping the News”, Claudio Baglioni confiscated the book about him

It was

Jeep Gianluca Tencio

to order, on May 9, the book’s confiscation to avoid a “repetition of the crime” by accepting the singer-songwriter’s attorney’s request. The suspects are accused of having “repeatedly identified”, in several reports, the songwriter “in terms that make him considered dishonest, and who copies without telling” the audience. “Amnesia, cunning, forgotten transcription, forgetfulness, distraction” are some of the words Striscia used that “damages Baglioni’s reputation” by accusing him of copying “texts of other people’s poems” or “in any case of the Inspired” without informing the public.

He continued, “The judges will decide whether we are within the limits of sarcasm. It is a matter of freedom


-. Can everything be touched except the divine Baglioni? Nor! Satire is essential in civic life. Everything in the book is correct. And then we did not accuse him of plagiarism, but more elegantly of amnesia towards the sources. In 1957, Lec (Polish writer, editor) wrote “…there is a zebra who will also be in a cage just to pass by the white horses…”. Baglioni sang in 1999 “…we live like zebras and then, locked behind fences, delusional to look like white horses…”. But this is clearly not plagiarism. Baglioni locks his zebra inside a fence, not in a cage like that petty Lec.”

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