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Thunderstorm disturbance over the weekend, bad weather between Saturday and Sunday

Thunderstorm disturbance over the weekend, bad weather between Saturday and Sunday

Weather forecast for the weekend

By the end of the week the forecast has been confirmed: the arctic pulse will hit Italy. So a new disturbance will make its effects felt in many of our regions between Saturday 20th April and Sunday 21st.
Therefore a Umbrella and a heavy jacketEspecially in some of our regions.

The The reason to be sought A continuous influx of cold and unstable currents of arctic origin from northern Europe It's already from the day Saturday 20 April cause a formation Cyclone It induces cold air from the northern quadrants and Thunderstorm Mid-South, especially up Tuscany, Lazio, Marche, Abruzzo, Campania, Puglia and Calabria. We do not rule out the risk due to the strong thermal anomalies generated and the large amount of energy involved Sleet. And, thanks to the drop in temperature, it will return Neve In the inner parts of the Apennines, about 1000 meters above sea level the scales are: it will be a remarkable event that we are now in the center of spring.

Cold weekend in Italy with thunderstorms and snow at low altitudes
Sunday, April 21 A new disturbance thrust will reach the northwestern regions this time, bringing rain and snow to very low altitudes (low mountains) in the Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta and Ligurian mountains.
But true Plot twist It is relevant temperature: Given the origin of the air mass (Arctic regions), thermal values ​​are constant below average, In the northern plains it will be near zero in the early morning.

He spoke on the topic Antonio SanoFounder iLMeteo.itWe asked What will happen over the weekend and the following days.
The weekend will see the arrival of a second cold pulse from northern Europe, which will rekindle storms, particularly in central areas; There will be snow in the Apennines, and bad winter-like weather will affect the southern peninsula and Emilia Romagna to some extent with rain and showers.

Will Sunday be like Saturday?
Practically yes, but with differences: bad weather in the morning will hit again with extreme events in the Marches, Abruzzo and Molise, anomalous cold in the central Apennines up to about 1200 meters (as in January) supporting more widespread snowfall. .
Also, some rain will also fall in the southern peninsula and Emilia Romagna on Saturday and Sunday, although it is expected to worsen towards the northwest: another cold center, descending from Germany towards France, will bring a lot of snow. Piedmont Alps, snow falls at night up to mountainous heights!

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An exceptional event on Monday?
Of course, it will be a fitting event, if confirmed: on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, the planet may show the cold side of spring in Italy. As has been the case repeatedly in winter, the Piedmont will experience heavy snowfall up to 400-500 meters. In short, after 2 years of severe drought, the Northwest will find more snow and precious water. Good news, though.

We have the good news of rain during the holiday period (April 25 and May 1 long weekend) against the drought: of course holidaymakers always and everywhere want warm and sunny weather, but currently the month of April until the end of January is sunny, with frequent thunderstorms and in the Apennines. Snow showers are forecast. We have to wait until May for the sun.