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Vaccine Focuses, Sicily on 50+ years, but AstraZeneca remains taboo: Half the doses are still in the fridge

Vaccine Focuses, Sicily on 50+ years, but AstraZeneca remains taboo: Half the doses are still in the fridge

Despite a good response to those in the 1950s, the vaccination campaign in Sicily is still ongoing. The National Report remains ruthless: The island ranks last in terms of doses taken, at only 78.3%., While all other regions have reached 80. So far, 23,349,402 doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been administered 26 million (equivalent to 87%). So 3,567,248 left in the refrigerator.

Among these, approximately 3 million are split evenly between AstraZeneca and Pfizer, which has the highest rate of administration: 92% of 17,796,870 doses delivered, while AstraZeneca is 76% of 6,6565,080 delivered. Moderna 82% (out of 2,217,900) and the lowest share was recorded by a single dose J&J, with 46% of administrations (out of 336,800). The largest amounts of unused AstraZeneca are in Sicily (52%)., Province of Trento (56%), Basilicata (57%), confirming the Sicilians’ distrust of the Anglo-Swedish serum.

Also for this president Nilo MusumisiWho received his first dose yesterday, It has chosen to receive AstraZenecaThe Governor said: “I have received the first dose of AstraZeneca – as the governor said -. I am delighted to join the ranks of the Sicilians who are moving towards universal immunization. I hope this work will be shared by those in the same conditions as me. We are fighting very tough battles to lower the age of vaccinated citizens and have finally reached the smaller islands as well. Let’s move on, because we need to get out of this tunnel as quickly as possible. I am convinced that we will succeed. “

Musumessi’s optimism, however, contrasts with the slowness of the Sicilian countryside, which he hopes will finally be able to find the right acceleration thanks to a class of over 50. At the Palermo fair, on the first day of administration, 600 were vaccinated and yesterday it was 1100 more people. In Catania, on the other hand, a record number of 7,000 vaccines have been reached in one day while mass vaccination continues in the small islands. The numbers are promising but still insufficient to meet the necessary standards.

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