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At Unieuro you work in the office 45 days a year, and the common areas are now devoted to creativity and the exchange of ideas

At Unieuro you work in the office 45 days a year, and the common areas are now devoted to creativity and the exchange of ideas

I New spaces at Palazzo Hercolani by Unieuro It’s an ancient environment, but it hosts important innovations in the work that is done there, in particular The 250 workers are central and administrative jobsWhile there are a total of 5,500 employees spread across Italy in points of sale and logistics (for the latter, Unieuro distributed exceptional bonuses of € 2.5 million). The buildings have been radically modified for the application Futura‘, The ambitious smart work project launched by Unieuro in February 2021 which is made possible by the advanced technological equipment that allows employees to work anywhere with absolute freedom. The Palazzo Hercolani residence has 180 work stations, 16 conference rooms, relaxation spaces, glass rooms and the famous “motivational” words on the walls by Italo Calvino and Lucio Dalla. Central The use of an “application” owned by all employeesWhere you can organize meetings, reserve work stations, and work on a computer where by entering your credentials you will find exactly the computer desk used at home.

Unieuro’s new headquarters in Palazzo Hercolani, all the news

From commercial area to multi-channel management, from store network management to information technology and human resources, from management to finance and communication, all central functions of Unieuro except for logistics can now regard Palazzo Hercolani not only as the leader of its own executive offices, but as a true place of meeting and cooperation And relationships.

So say goodbye to the office as a “parking” place to work. The ancient pass insignia is placed in the time marker in the Naphthalene balls. They are expected to be in the office for at least 45 days during the year, and for the rest, each employee will enjoy great flexibility, as he can work massively from where he wants. However, this does not mean working all day, given that the “right to disconnect” is recognized and regulated. Focusing on trust and individual responsibility in achieving goals, Unieuro develops its offices into places for collaboration, socializing and supporting company culture, with significant benefits in terms of motivating people, balance between private and work life and reducing the polluting emissions related to transportation. Basically, smart work becomes from an urgent need dictated by the pandemic emergency is the basic structure of work.

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Created with the support of Methodos – a consulting firm working in business innovation and smart action software – the project started from listening to the needs and desires of people through surveys, interviews and focus groups, then committing to more than seven months of heterogeneous work and a cross-browser team that designed and better engage Solutions gradually. Basically, Unieuro offers a “Futura Package,” which is customizable and includes the most advanced IT tools. The kit consists of smartphones and computers, but it is also a bonus for adapting outdoor environments to efficient workplaces (desk, comfortable chairs to work for hours) that allow you to work from anywhere – from home, to the office, on the go – and encourage and facilitate exchange and cooperation among colleagues, While maintaining maximum data security. Support was also provided to purchase sustainable mobility from home to work.