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“Use resources carefully, great fraud record”

“Use resources carefully, great fraud record”

‘The resources available’ for the 2024 maneuver ‘must be used with the utmost care’. This was stated by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni at the opening of the Council of Ministers. “So far we have achieved very important results, outperforming those of Germany and France, the markets have rewarded our options: the spread is low, the data on employment is excellent, the first-half GDP surprised all analysts, the ‘tax’ revenue trend is positive. But we must keep our feet firmly on the ground,” said the premier.

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He said, “It is too early to say in detail the framework for the procedures of the next budget law, but our goal is… Confirm tax wedge cutting, which represents a tangible item that arrives every month in the workers’ wage package. Energy prices are much lower than they were a year ago, we can free up other financial resources, and we need more money for demographic and birth rate policies.”

He pointed out that “all observers tell us that the economic situation has become more difficult, starting with the slowdown of the German economy, which has repercussions throughout Europe and on our industrial fabric. Therefore, the available resources must be used with the utmost caution.”

The Budget Law is “the first date before us”, “the most political law a government can pass. It is the main law on which everything else rests and on which we plan our agenda. The next Budget Law we must be as serious as last year, to support Growing, helping the weakest and giving impetus to those who produce and put money into the pockets of families and businesses.

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“Last year, as you know,” he recalls, “we witnessed an extraordinary moment: the government took office on October 25th and we had to write the budget law in a very short time, and judging by the contingencies we had to face, first of all the energy absorbed two-thirds of the manoeuvre. A choice that made it possible to secure families and businesses, our productive fabric.” “This did not prevent us from launching some important signals and charting the direction: I am thinking of reducing the tax wedge or the resources that we have chosen to allocate to the family, starting with the increase in the individual premium. He added, “The measures that set a trend we must now strengthen and consolidate.”

He stressed that “the first deadline before us is September 27 – he emphasized -. By that date, we will have to present the ‘NADF’, which is the Economic and Financial Document Update Note, which is the macroeconomic scenario reference document to the Houses, which we have presented ‘We will need to guide our work . It is an important document that will describe how we want to direct our work.”

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Regarding the 2024 maneuver, “The IMF is working but we will decide together what we should focus the interventions on, with rigor and concern for the balance of the state budget. We certainly cannot afford to waste, we are paying exorbitant amounts for the super premium of 110%.” He added, “A disaster, and I call on the Minister of Economy, Giorgetti, to clarify the numbers of this accounting tragedy that burdens all Italians.” He added, “The revenues tell us that there are more than 12 billion violations.”

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“This is the case for those who accuse the center-right of being a friend of tax evaders and fraudsters. Thanks to poorly written rules, it has allowed itself to be,” he added. The biggest scam against the state. We must take care of those who, because of these regulations, now risk finding themselves on the street.”