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Bad smell from the air conditioner despite the intervention of the plumber: how do we really solve it?

Bad smell from the air conditioner despite the intervention of the plumber: how do we really solve it?

If your air conditioner still smells bad after plumbing, you need to follow these very simple tips.

Air conditioner has now become an indispensable item for our homes or offices. Whether in winter or summer, cooling or heating the environment makes our stay in our living spaces more comfortable. Like any home appliance, an air conditioner also needs maintenance, because it can break down or, as in this case, give off a bad smell. Let’s find out with this video how to clean our air conditioner, so that it can be like new again. That Sanificair Italia, through its YouTube channel, helps us make the cleaning process easier by giving tips.

Oftentimes, for this problem, plumbers use a foam that doesn’t solve the problem at all and doesn’t disinfect either. So, if you are wondering how to clean your air conditioner when it smells bad, then you need to follow Sanificair Italia’s tutorial.. As we will see from the video, it is not enough to clean the filters only, but the air conditioner cover must be completely disassembled, because viruses and bacteria lurk inside it, which do not go away with the famous foam that non-specialized technicians use. So let’s see how Sanificair works and what it advises us when our air conditioner needs to be “refreshed”..

How to get rid of bad smell from air conditioner: Sanificair’s video explains it all

So, to clean the air conditioner well, the first thing to do is to dismantle the plastic casing. Once the plastic body of the air conditioner has been removed, Wash it well because even plastic hides dirt and bacteria. Once removed, the body of the air conditioner remains unprotected and from there it will be enough to cover the electrical part and then wash the evaporator part well. After this part, move on to the dirtier part of the drum.

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From the side of the roller a lot of dirt will be removed, because it is located in its depths and it is impossible to remove it only with superficial working foam. Once you’ve cleaned the inside, if you haven’t already, move on to the carcass, always washing it with water.

In short, if you intend to clean your air conditioner, you will have to act in this way. Don’t be fooled by unprofessional plumbers who give you ineffective solutions. If you plan to act independently, be careful not to damage your air conditioner. Other than that, if you want to rely on a professional, Make sure he does this.