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“Chinese warships have arrived”: A move that worries the US

“Chinese warships have arrived”: A move that worries the US

someone Chinese warships are connected for the first time in Rheem Naval BaseIn Cambodia. Same thing for him America And some international security analysts, it may be intended to serve as a strategic outpost for Beijing’s navy. The docking of at least two vehicles coincided with an official visit to the Asian nation during the week by China’s top defense official, the vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. He is Weidong. Washington has been closely monitoring Dragon’s movements and has, among other things, funded the modernization of the same structure.

Chinese ships at a military base in Cambodia

Cambodian Defense Minister, Dee CheehaVisited the warships of Chinese People’s Army Navy Reem is in port with his father and predecessor. Tea pan, according to a post on the same official’s Facebook page. Although the post did not specifically mention the Chinese military, attached photos showed two Corvette The Beijing fleet was stationed side by side. One of the vehicles was identified as “vention“Tei Pan reviewed a series of Chinese officials.

Chinese ships would have arrived in Cambodia as a productMilitary training With a Cambodian counterpart. The Reim naval base, which has been the scene of Chinese-funded modernization and expansion projects for years, worries the United States, although this may be a new one. Marine Outpost In Gulf of Siam.

Relations between Beijing and Phnom Penh

As mentioned, the arrival of Chinese warships coincides with the visit of an important figure Chinese general In Phnom Penh, he called China and Cambodia “True friends“. He told the Weidong Cambodian Prime Minister, Han ManetThe armed forces of both countries supported “A high level of cooperation in areas such as joint exercises and personnel exercises and training“. Han Manet, who succeeded his father Han Sun earlier this summer, thanked the Chinese military”Strong support for modernizationCambodian Army“, according to a statement published on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Defense.

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According to reports from ReutersA US State Department spokesperson said Washington monitoring Information about Chinese warships. “While we have no comment on this particular development, we have serious concerns about China’s plans for exclusive control over parts of the Rim naval base.“, the source said.

Possible military consequences

Cambodian officials have repeatedly denied that China could use the Reem facility Naval base, insisting the plan complies with the Cambodian constitution, which prohibits foreign military bases on its territory. Chinese officials, meanwhile, described the site as “Assistance Program“Cambodia to strengthen navy and reject all allegations.

However, even if the port of Reem is not exclusively and permanently used to station Chinese forces, regular access to the base by Beijing’s assets could have implications for military operations related to the South China Sea dispute between China. and its Southeast Asian competitors.