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Reactions of Opposition and Majority

Reactions of Opposition and Majority

Daniela Santange A united chorus of resignation: objections After that Italy’s Brethren Minister of Tourism The case came up for trial know From the request Accusation Prosecutor’s Office. Magistrate Tisiana Gweli will probably decide European elections Send it process Oh Meno.

Indictment Request for Visibilia, Daniela Santanza: Resisting Assault

Maloney fears a postponement could come closer to the European elections. This time, however, Italy’s brethren have rallied around the minister. From the side they underline: “There is no demand for the minister to resign until the third judge, the preliminary hearing judge, decides to open the trial.”

The opposition has a completely different view and has already started loudly demanding his immediate resignation. Ellie Schlein, Giuseppe Conte and Nicola Fratoianni They question Maloney, who “cannot leave ministers in his place and remain silent”.

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“Brothers of Italy is the party that’s calling for a minister to be impeached for INPS fraud on Covid funds, while advocating an anti-vax under Georgia Meloni,” Democratic Party Secretary Ellie Schlein thunders.

“We expect the Prime Minister to have at least some respect for the institutions and ask for Sandance’s resignation,” concludes the number one Dem.

Same idea The leader is the Dell M5s Giuseppe Conte: “It is a shame that the European lists are now closed. Now that the request for indictment has reached Minister Sundance, Meloni will not have time to resign and nominate him for the European elections in the company of Scarpi”.

“Continuing Santange in his role would be a slap in the face to Italians and to the transparency that every government must guarantee. Giorgia Meloni cannot remain silent or postpone this decision because the credibility of her majority is at stake.” Thus the deputy of the Green-Left Alliance, Angelo Bonelli.

“For Santange to remain in his role would be a slap in the face to Italians,” notes the Dem vice-president Arturo Scotto.

“The Santanza case cannot continue to undermine the credibility of the Italian government. The request of the prosecutor to file an indictment against the minister adds nothing to what we have been saying for months: the resignation is a mandatory lesson on the respectable question of politics”, finally underlines the M5s deputy. Emma Pavanelli.

Salvini and Tajani defend the minister

Majority shields. Minister and Association President Matteo Salvini: “No, he should not resign. I’ll leave it up to you to judge. Apart from being sent for investigation, I am also under investigation… I am a potential criminal. So he chooses her. “We are not asking anyone to resign.”

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“There is a request, we will talk about it if the decision is taken, it will not cause any embarrassment to the government, Santhanse has to decide, I am a guarantor”, thought. Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani.

“Nothing will change, I am a guarantee, always”, adds the president of the League in the Chamber, Riccardo Molinari.

Spokesperson Sandance attacks Schlein

Santanché did not respond, but his spokesman Salvatore Tramontano issued a statement: “Schlein asks for respect for the institutions while remaining silent in the face of sexual insults aimed at President Meloni”.

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Photo credit: ANSA