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Prossima settimana: torna l

Next week, Scipio will return to command time from Monday the 13th, but for how long? Updates »

Weather: Next week, Sibio will return to command the weather from Monday the 13th, but for how long? Updates

A new heat wave is blowing in Italy. It may rain with thunder again from 19/20

Next week: Anticyclone Cipio returns: new heat wave in ItalyAll confirmed, When Next week It will be Another wave of African heat (Third of the season) Note Climate is ready to adapt throughout Italy with temperatures above average. In short, the “Scipione” command time will return from Monday 13th June.

Everything has a cause Specific synoptic system (Technically called “Omega Black”) This will attract hemispherical conversations: especially the deepening of the Atlantic hurricane in the western part of Europe will in turn trigger boiling winds towards Italy.

In fact, due to the rotation in the opposite direction of the currents around the minimum depression, this massive atmospheric engine will attract the considerably warmer air of the continental subtropical extraction, coming directly from the red-hot deserts towards the Mediterranean bed. Morocco and Algeria. So here it is Cypio It would be pushed in the direction of the Iberian Peninsula and France, and then capture large parts of Central and Southern Europe, including Italy. This new high pressure pulse with sub-tropical look will have one Effect Directly Temperature It will pass quickly 8-10 degrees Celsius is even higher than average.

This is really going to be a climate phase Paradoxical: Think about it, the average maximum temperature during this time of year (mid-June) usually varies up to 25/26 C in the major cities of Italy; If this trend is confirmed, we expect a maximum of 35/37 C (and more locally) in the second half of the week from Thursday 16th over the next weekend. Liked this big heat Northern Plain And cities like in this case Turin, Milan And BolognaAs well as Tyrrhenian fields Tuscany And Lazio.
These weather conditions may at least come with us Up to 20 JuneA kind Anticyclonic module Planted well in Central and Southern Europe with high pressure.

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A Potential improvement This can happen in the last ten days of the month. The African anticyclone is actually at risk of being haunted by northern Europe: if it is confirmed, there will be more chances of sudden storm breaks, which could bring temperatures back to average over time. At this time, the alpine areas and the plains adjacent to it and then a part of the central areas are most exposed. Considering the thermal variations and the high energy of the playing field, as is often the case in recent times, they are not to be ruled out. Especially violent thunderstormsWith high risk of hail.

As we will always remember, long-term trends only serve to give a general idea of ​​the expected time So not to be confused with classic weather forecasts, they can be useful for planning events in your daily life.

New heat wave with the advancement of the African anticycloneNew heat wave with the advancement of the African anticyclone