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Anna Paola Concia after Valdidara’s reversal: “They can’t stand a lesbian and feminist in this role on the right”

Anna Paola Concia after Valdidara’s reversal: “They can’t stand a lesbian and feminist in this role on the right”

“These silent minorities of the right and the left have erected a wall.” Anna Paola Concia comments with these words Republic Withdrawal of recommendation for impact education program in schools. Education Minister Giuseppe Valditara chose her – along with Sister Anna Monia Alfieri and lawyer Paola German – as guarantors of the project. Teach about relationships. But opposition from the FdI, FI and Lega forced him to back down. Concia, speaking by phone from Frankfurt, where he lives with his wife, said he learned directly from Valditara that the candidacy had been withdrawn: “He called me and he was sorry,” he says. To the former PD MP: “The right obviously can’t stand a lesbian and feminist woman in this role. But I’m a conversational woman, I’ve always built bridges, not walls, I have no prejudices, so even the left doesn’t like the fact that I’ve never been loved more.” , Gancia explains, and also underlines that “he did not expect such a cruel end.”

There is no gender theory

Asked by journalist Matteo Pucciarelli if Valditara backed down due to pressure from the right, Concia replied, “Yes, they put him under a great deal of pressure that was unavoidable.” Maybe “they put him – he continues – with an either/or face and it ends like this.” The collaboration between Concia and the Ministry of Education has been going on for 7 years now: “When I brought Didacta Italia to our country, I Rotate Didacta in Germany is the world’s most important event on teacher training. In March, 30 thousand Italian teachers participated.” And for this new project that could have an impact on schools, Concia already had clear ideas: “We need to train reference teachers to create discussion groups in classes led by teachers – he explained. Not prior lessons, but open reasoning. It has nothing to do with gender theory.” For this she regrets: “I prepared myself to make a real plea for the country to give up and respond to this innumerable tragedy of Giulia Sechetin’s misogyny,” she concludes.

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