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Unpublished information about his difficulties with Gigi

Unpublished information about his difficulties with Gigi

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The singer spoke for herself without filters and spoke for the first time about the many difficulties she experienced in her relationship with D’Alessio

Anna Tatangelo Freedom of movement like never before. The singer who interviewed Francesca Vagnani on the show monsters (Broadcast on June 11 on Ray DuoShe spoke frankly about her relationship with him Gigi D’Alessio And the bitter bites he had to swallow in that period. A cross was not thrown to the artist from Campania, but a series of circumstances led her to regret various things in that life. Lady Tata also answered a question about the person who had been close to her for a few months on an emotional level, although she preferred not to exaggerate the balance of the story. This is the artist Livio Curie.

Since he started dating D’Alessio, criticism and malicious hints about him have started to rain. There is no chatter, it is Tatangelo herself that tells, and also removes so many pebbles from her shoes that she so far preferred to keep to herself. But now she feels much freer, and there is no one left for “protection”.

“I personally only benefited from receiving support from someone who has artistic experience twenty years older than me. The part that put me at a disadvantage: His music was an excuse to attack me. But these pieces are very Dalian,” they told me. So Tatangelo a Francesca Vagnani who asked her how much she weighs her because she has long been described as a “friend”.

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Not an easy time, from many points of view. Also because the criticisms began immediately without leaving any respite. Constant percussion of gossip and rumors that are often malicious and unfounded. That is why, when he thinks of certain moments, he is shocked. “I remember that period well – He explains: It was just about my private life to discredit people. I kept silent for many years because I wanted to respect my partner and his children. But, perhaps, if I could go back, I might say something simple”.

What would you do differently? What would he say if he had the opportunity to take a time jump? What words would you use to express your disappointment? “These are things that cannot be said, I will risk doing a little harm. But the beautiful thing is that everyone who knew should know…”. Precisely because of the described situation, Anna assures that today she practically lacks anything from that life. “I’m fine like this”Concluding with conviction.

Anna Tatangelo to Belve: answering the question about the relationship with Livio Cori

A few months ago it was rumored that he was in contact Affair with Livio Curie, The Campania artist is three years younger than her. Is it said she is in love or not? “In love is a big word, but I’m fine”, He replies without mentioning Corey’s name. In fact, when my artists mention it, the singer prefers not to overreact and replies as follows: “I don’t want to mention names or things, I’m fine. I want to calmly try this thing I’m facing.” Then? “I neither deny nor confirm.”