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Barù: "Delia, non ti voglio rivedere"

Paro: “Delia, I don’t want to see you again” – Big Brother VIP

The theme of the evening is the nominations: During the evening the VIPs talk about what happened during the last episode and the reasons why they had to nominate one competitor instead of another.

“I’m honest, I called you Paro.” He says Deliareveals to the VIP that he made his name in the sacrament of confession: “My motivation was right, I said I didn’t relate to you as I did to others.”. “Don’t feel guilty” he answers barrowIn agreement with his motives: “I consider you a good person but I don’t want to see you and Alex again”.

Delia seeks a confrontation with Barrow who instead seems to not want to know that he has an exchange of views with the actress: “Apart from the relationship between me and Alex, you have to see what happened here inside the house” Delia continues asking him what he thinks of himself no matter what has happened so far.

“I think you’re a good person, but that doesn’t rule out all the other opinions I have about you.” Barrow replied, acknowledging that he had nothing against Delia but was very confused by her behaviour.

“I’m sorry I had a little connection with you” The actress who received an objection from Barrow continues: “You have less bond with me but much more with Jessica or with Lulu after insulting them just a few weeks ago.”. “You’re right, but there was a meeting point between me and Jessica.” Delia responds, explaining the reasons why she has been able to overcome conflicts with the princesses.

Delia’s explanations do not seem to interest the significant other, who is trying in every way to end the conversation: “You are the first to be renamed”.

Barrow and Delia, despite the actress’s best attempts, are unable to find a way to get along and build a friendship even one step away from the end of this version of #GFVIP.

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