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Space Jam with LeBron in Italy from September 23.  Dissident Carter for the movie

Space Jam with LeBron in Italy from September 23. Dissident Carter for the movie

Official release date of the movie in our country with James and Looney Tunes. Maverick Carter, LeBron’s partner, talks about what the Lakers star hopes to achieve with the movie

“I don’t think I’m going to the Olympics: I think I’m going to play with the Tune Squad this summer.” When LeBron James made his first-round playoff debut last week, he made clear what his off-season priorities were: The first was to get his injured right ankle back to 100% which tied him up. Visibly in the series against Phoenix. The second is the promotion of “Space Jam: New Legends”, a movie that will be released in US cinemas on July 16 and which we will see in Italy on September 23.


Also being successful in cinema, releasing a new movie that is not a sequel to the 1996 cult with Michael Jordan but lives alone, is high on the list of goals that King James set for himself. “You can expect a lot of crazy things from this movie – he said -: There will be action, animation and many other attractive things. I am really happy with this new experience. I think basketball is a universal language: if you add animation and laughter to it, you have all the ingredients Success “. Maverick Carter, James’ commercial partner and executive producer of the film through Spring Hill Co. , a production company that’s part of the galaxy, how important the success of “Space Jam: New Legends” was to LeBron’s empire. It takes James and Carter straight to Hollywood. “This movie is a huge responsibility – said Maverick in an exclusive interview with selected media, including La Gazzetta dello Sport -. We wanted to make not only a sequel, but something that had a generational impact like the first movie. We deal with many topics, from sports To the father-son relationship: We believe that this can allow us to influence many children and that it can allow the film to stand the test of time.We would like the audience to feel after watching the film a sense of joy, and to feel that they have participated in a journey with LeBron and the Tunes , who have to get back to being themselves. But this is above all a father and son story, a journey in their relationship, in the difficulties that it entails. If LeBron as a player is always focused on winning and being the best, outside the most important thing for him is the growth of those around him. …this movie will help develop what it is and make people understand what it stands for.”

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It took LeBron a few years to convince himself that a new Space Jam movie was the right thing for him. James and Carter were both kids when the first movie came out: it was a part of their lives, what they wanted to build when they started imagining what LeBron could do with basketball. Despite this, Space Jam seemed too long for years, until both James and Carter felt ready: “We couldn’t give it up – explains Carter -: With LeBron, we have always tried to convey the message of awareness, knowledge, determination, self. Design, transformation and growth. Space was Jam is very important, because the opportunity to make a movie like this happens once in a lifetime. We considered it a huge responsibility and used the same approach that we do with everything: we don’t want to do one thing alone, but surround ourselves with the best possible team to help us achieve a great result. Our job is to make a great movie: we tried to take a few steps back to understand how to do it, and who should be involved in this project.”

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Part of the reason for the success of the first Space Jam contest is that it became a cult in so many ways: the film’s box office records, Jordan’s character featured more than ever, and merchandising as well. He contributed in a decisive way to making it eternal. For “Space Jam: New Legends,” the plan is the same: to make sure every detail of the movie makes it legendary, including merchandising. For this, James and Carter worked with Nike and Converse, turning from animation products to truly unique products that we can contribute to making this new movie as memorable as the second movie. “We want that when people go see this movie, they don’t just buy a movie or a product: we want them to buy a story that they feel a part of every day,” Carter explained. It’s the same mindset with which he runs the LeBron universe, the same way of doing things that is now brought to the big screen. Hopefully he will have the same incredible success that LeBron has on the field. Definitely this time he has a great team around him.

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