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Un Posto al Sole, De Santis’ sudden illness: an evolution


In the next episodes you broadcast place in the sun Luca will fall ill as ample space will be given to The story between Julia and Luca De Santis, Chief Physician of San Filippo Hospital and President of Rossella. The man was often very harsh with the girl, and many viewers did not like this behavior at all. But the way he works may be due to a very specific reason, and it is the same that may in the next few days be the cause of a serious illness that will afflict him and plunge him into the darkest despair. This will lead him to think about his immediate future and he will face a very important personal choice, which will also involve Julia, who hosts him in her home for some time.

Un Posto al Sole, Luca’s disease: concern of the chief physician

For some time he was chief physician at San Filippo, Luca De Santis is a guest at Julia’s houseThis is also thanks to the absence of Angela and Franco, who seem not to be back immediately with the start of the new season.

A very strong feeling arose between the two, but unfortunately the doctor is not well, and he hides a big health secret from the woman.

The President suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, and is in the early stages of a neurodegenerative disease. The man confided this to his friend Michel, and it would be the latter who would play a decisive part in the matter Upcoming episodes of the soap.

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Luke and Julia

Relationship with Julia, which seems to be progressing rapidly, however Renato did not see him in the best wayAn ex-husband who feels increasingly excluded from a woman’s life. Furthermore, the latter will seek to confront Luca to find out his intentions regarding their possible future together.

Unfortunately, what Julia doesn’t know is that the Chief Doctor has been fighting him for some time The first signs of a terrible diseaseWhich only Michelle, his dear friend who also hosted him in the past and who is trying in every way to convince him to reveal his health condition to Julia as soon as possible, knows about it.

Luca DeSantis
Luca DeSantis

Specifically, during the upcoming episodes that will be broadcast on Rai Tre channel, De Santis would be the victim of severe amnesiawhich in addition to frightening him terribly, will lead him to think not only of his relationship with Giulia, but also of his role as chief physician at San Filippo.

It is clear that the development of the disease will endanger his professional skills and may have serious consequences.

What will be the future for the two characters?

The relationship between Luca and Julia seems to be particularly popular for viewers place in the sun, But the serious health conditions of the doctor, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, do not seem to envision a rosy future for them.

Although Franco and Angela are not back yet, it is likely that the character, played with talent by Luigi De Fiori, will stay for a few more months in place in the sunbut then he will decide to leave not only the Terrace but also Napoli, he said A painful farewell to Julia.

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Unfortunately, except for vicissitudes such as misdiagnosis or other types of illnesses, a disease of this kind has no cure, and will not allow a calm and above all long future for the new couple.

On the other hand, though, often The soap has retained special relics for its fans It is said that the stay of the chief physician in Naples will last longer than expected.


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