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Men and women parade, argument rages in the studio: Maria de Felipe intervenes

Men and women parade, argument rages in the studio: Maria de Felipe intervenes

Quarrels between men and women? the The program is restarted with the recordings. There are still a few weeks left before the broadcast but the Maria De Filipe show has already begun. The Tronstas have already been introduced and there is no shortage of feuds with champions to the throne. Waiting for the broadcast that will take place on Monday September 11th at 14:45 Let’s go and see what happened.

And as we just said, there was such a heated argument in the studio that the announcer had to intervene personally. The heroes of this quarrel are two ladies from the female kindergarten. To find out more, just continue reading below. Find all previews.

Men and women come forward: a lit brawl in the studio

recordings men and women And before we go see who’s still in the studio, let’s go see the first fight of the season. according to progress The heroes are Aurora and Gemma Galjani who also this year returned to De Filippi’s studio to find love.

Gemma and Aurora begin to quarrel. Aurora accused Gemma of publishing a story against her on his profile. The feud went on so much that Gianni also intervened in Gemma’s defense. The columnist himself said he would investigate to see if Aurora’s allegations were true.

Gianni does not believe in Aurora Because the screen shown by this does not show the Galgani profile name that could have been deleted. Gemma and Aurora came out to explain and the position the two took was not at all to the liking of the announcer who was furious with both of them.

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In fact, Maria de Felipe defined the behavior of both of them as girls And Mariah might also want to cut down on her show and the many fights that happen in each episode. This may be the first sign. But let’s see who is back in the studio and who is absent.

The absent and the present

As we said, the first thing that was recorded was shot men and women The audience present immediately reported everything. The first thing you notice is the lack of studio contestants. Neither Riccardo Guarnieri nor Armando Encarnato were present. Perhaps they will be missing or their entry may just be delayed.

Many confirmations from last year including Gemma Galjani and Aurora. THowever, among the returns, we have the return of Barbara De Santi Which I’ve talked about a lot in the past during episodes. Another comeback is the selfieOr the knight who was presented to Galjani last year, but I refused.

Also in the studio is Elio who has often been the protagonist in the spats with Cipolari in the past year Which will not disappear again this year. In fact, in the first episode the two had already discussed so much that Tina then brought some cannoli to the studio because it was full of ricotta, a food that humans can’t tolerate.

Roberta and Christina are also reconfirmed And they started dating some guys who are male. We just have to wait for the broadcast to find out more about the participants in this new edition of men and women which accompanies many Italians every afternoon.

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