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UeD, Jessica Antonini sinks David Loroso: "He's still praying..."

UeD, Jessica Antonini sinks David Loroso: “He’s still praying…”

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The reasons why the ex-couple of Classic Throne to put an end to the love story born in Studio Canale 5 are not yet known: While there is only silence on his part, she allows herself to go into some catharsis to mean something.

Because it ended with Jessica Antonini and Davide Lorosso? a men and women They impressed everyone with their sudden exit. The former Tronista appeared, from the start, very interested. During and outside the dances, it was possible to notice a lot of complicity and understanding. And here, at a certain point, Jessica decided to end her very short journey to live the love story away from the limelight. For some time now, the audience has noticed that Frost fell between them.

Photos and videos on social media haven’t filmed them together for weeks now. The same Jessica Antonini Then decided to confirm rumors about rest time. Now he’s whipping hard David LorossoAlways on social media. Below is an Instagram post about the latest interview released by Simon Florian – Ex-fiancé – A more woman, Anthony promises so He will soon provide an explanation about the breakup. He did not retain the kind words of Davide, on the contrary. For those who point it out Loroso is the only one who didn’t mention it, replied without many words.

“I believe you, may you still pray for the best way out. Peace, love and relaxation”

But what could happen? According to what Antonini has announced in recent days, it seems David hasn’t disappointed her one bit. In this last comment, Jessica admits that she apologized to those who warned her! Therefore, it seems that Lorusso took a stand that hit her negatively. Meanwhile, The former suitor continues to be silent on social media. The last picture he shared on his Instagram feed is the one of him with Jessica and it dates back to March 13.

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Davidy is silent, especially for fans who want to know his version of events. There are many who continue to support him against Jessica. The latter, meanwhile, takes defense of Simon Florian. Among them, in Study of men and womenNo agreement was born, in fact. Viewers also witnessed some quarrels between them.

These days, the audience has noticed a certain affinity between them and so on on their own Simon decides to explain how it really goesIn his new interview. The former suitor notes that he and Jessica clashed several times because she was inclined to defend David. Until now, it is believed that he was unjustly accused by his former rival, not only in the ring, but also in the dressing rooms.

After hearing Jessica, who was going to explain the reasons for the breakup, Simon was convinced that he had never been wrong in his thoughts about Loroso. He always thought that he was only interested in TV and that it was fake. Clarification came with Antonini. Come, however, now David’s fans attacked him.

In this interview, he made it clear that he would love to continue working on TV, so much so that he decided to try Castings of Big Brother. This statement sparked quite a few attacks from the public who don’t believe in the slightest that Lorusso was only interested in being on the small screen.