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Enrico Papi and back to Mediaset: "Bullying by powerful colleagues"

Enrico Papi and back to Mediaset: “Bullying by powerful colleagues”

Enrico Papi Getting ready to go back to Mediaset With the all-new version of Jokes aside He recounts his years at the company, revealing that he was bullied by his “powerful colleagues”. The presenter recounted his beginnings on television, first in Rai, and then in Mediaset, where it was Silvio Berlusconi who wanted it.

“I have spent so many years at Mediaset that, in a way, I consider it a second family – he explained to the weekly chi -: I entered young and unmarried, so I came out married and had two children. The first time in April 1996, Silvio Berlusconi noticed me while I was driving a Chiacchiere on a Rai1. He put me on a Canale 5 instead of a Vittorio Sgarbi with Papi Quotidianamente.” After years in Network BiscioneBabi has moved away from the small screen, and is back in delivery thanks to TV8 where he has become a host of two successful shows Guess my age – Indovina l’età e Melody name – Guess the song. (Watch the video above)

“Unfortunately, there is a certain attitude of arrogance on TV. Bullying received from? From his powerful colleagues – and families -. When they can, they don’t give up on mistakes, but I will tell you: I don’t hold a grudge. Fortunately there is listening.” No name from Papi who had already a few weeks ago pointed the finger at some people who were going to lead him to give up Mediaset and television after leading successful programs such as Sarabanda, the freshmen e Bubba and Nerdy. In 2010, the broadcaster’s commitments waned the first In 2013 and back after four years of sarabanda. Finally switch to another network.

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He said, “I was a victim of TV bullying – Enrico Papi a few weeks ago a new -. Unfortunately, there are some things that can be told and some that are not, but the truth is that when someone says they want to stay away from television to choose them, it is actually a decision that has been “imposed” by other people. To support him the family was formed by Raffaella Chevino, his wife, married in 1998, and Sons of Jacob and Rebecca. “Fortunately I also have a private life, when they put me in the position of having to leave, I did so quietly and devoted myself to my family,” he revealed.