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Ubisoft's subscription manager wants you to get used to not owning games

Ubisoft's subscription manager wants you to get used to not owning games

Philippe Tremblay, Director of Subscription Services at Ubisoft, was interviewed by and talked about the Ubisoft+ news. There, he also commented on players' relationship with season tickets and their habits of not having them Own the games. In short, he believes players will get used to it just like music, TV series, and movies.

“One of the things we've seen is that gamers are used to owning their games and owning them, like DVDs. That's the consumer shift that needs to happen. They're used to not having their own CD or DVD collection. It's a shift that's been a little slower to happen [nei giochi]. When players feel comfortable with this… they don't lose their progress. If you resume the game at another time, the progress file will still exist. It has not been cancelled. You will not lose what you have built in the game or your commitment to the game. So it's about You feel comfortable not having the game“.

“I still have two boxes of DVDs. I completely understand the gamers' point of view. But when people embrace this model, they will see that these games will still be available, The service will continue You can access it whenever you want. This is reassuring.”

“if flow It's also something that works very well with a subscription. You pay when you need to, instead of always.”

The problem of subscriptions and streaming

Philip Tremblay

Tremblay, as is clear in light of his position, is nevertheless a bit general from one point of view. this is not true The contents of the Service are secure forever, but only for as long as the Company deems it beneficial to keep the Service active.

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The purchased product remains in physical form in our possession and if it is not damaged (with the hardware necessary to reproduce it) it can be used forever, and an entire service or platform can alternatively be shut down and shut down. Access to products may be interrupted.

In extreme cases, some products disappear from the world completely: for example, with the closure of the Xbox 360 Store, 47 games will be lost forever, since they no longer exist in the physical format.