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Uber, bill of 389 euros for a trip of less than three kilometers

Uber, bill of 389 euros for a trip of less than three kilometers

In London, a boy with two friends took advantage of the trip by taxi and found himself 24 hours later with less than 389 euros on the bill. Uber initially did not want his money back, but a letter of protest published in the Guardian changed his mind.

Brands have been at home in cities for years car sharing. In Milan, for example, many are now using to enjoy and share. But in addition to renting a car for a very short period, the car use, or when a passenger uses a lane of the vehicle or ride call When the rental service fee is paid with the driver. Among the most popular brands are Uber, which often offers affordable services. Even if a British client encountered a problem of no small importance. After traveling a little less than three kilometers in the British capital, in fact, almost 389 euros were deducted from his account.

Taxi Driver Rejected Spam Email

In a letter later sent to the newspaper guardian The user, indicated only by the initials AG, explained that he was traveling with two friends that he often takes home. But when the driver was asked to take a route he preferred, the man objected by ejecting the three boys from the taxi after the ride. However, the problem particularly surfaced the next day, when AG received an email from Uber writing that €389 (£332) had already been withdrawn from his account. It was because the taxi driver, who chased after him, left the travel desk open for 16 hours and 27 minutes.

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Uber fights first, then gives up

In short, approximately 220 euros per mile, which is about 1.6 kilometres. According to the website of Prestige car rental From London, with the amount the young man spent (unfairly) he could have rented one Porsche 911 Carrera S for 24 hours. And based on the mileage, he still had 190 kilometers out of the 193 total that the concession allows. More exciting: Uber initially refused to compensate AG, which asked for guardian Post a letter with this story as a protest topic. And just as magically happens when a brand is captured in captivity, the young man is later compensated.