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Transfer of ownership, the hidden tax that will kill you: If you went and did it here it would cost 30% less

Transfer of ownership, the hidden tax that will kill you: If you went and did it here it would cost 30% less

Guide – Documents and rules – –

Driving a vehicle, a car in this case, can mean several things: attention behind the wheel, respect for the rules of the Highway Code, and prudence. And then?

It is one of the many aspects that we must take into consideration and care about attentionboth to discuss behavioral ethics and LegitimacyThere is the appearance documentary.

That is, we are talking about gods documents They are essential for getting into the car and starting to drive: starting with the most urgent things to know is obvious.

It’s about driver’s license, Necessary, without which it is unthinkable to drive a car, as is the case for rc cars, Insurance that protects us in the event of accidents.

Documentary duties include presence on board Registration cardIn addition to related documents review Implemented et al Seal paid. And then what?

Change of Ownership Here’s what you don’t know: You’re paying more than you thought

You must then obtain the document that proves it Change of ownershipBut pay attention to the costs. In fact, many citizens underestimate its importance because they do not know quite what needs to be done to complete the process: there is a tax to be paid that can have a really big impact: even if there is a way to achieve it. Reduce it by at least 30 percent.

Let’s start in order: The tax we’re talking about is lFamous regional IPTi.e. forRegional copy tax This is a necessary, and perhaps the most difficult, sum to face. Calculating the number depends on how powerful the car is and some ACI regional tables, with a fixed power quota of up to 53 kilowatts and an increase for each flat kilowatt depending on the case. To give some examples, in some Regions You can pay more or less €240, in other cases just over €265 and so on.

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POS card payments - -
Card payments – –

IPT tax, where you pay as little as possible

This tax sometimes puts already fragile countries at risk Family financial balanceIndeed, it deals with many expenses and increases of all kinds. For this reason, knowing if and where you can save can be interesting.

In particular, there are governorates where it was not chosen to increase this percentage 30 percent tax It also happens in many parts: let’s talk about it Aosta, Trento and BolzanoThe basic costs are much lower than in all other regional areas.