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Salary bonus, check the amount carefully in May: these days the wage doubles

Salary bonus, check the amount carefully in May: these days the wage doubles

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April and May are months full of holidays: Easter Monday, Emancipation Day, and Labor Day. How are they paid?

For those who work as an employee there are some The “luckiest” months. From others. Specifically, next April and May are a typical case Three “lost” working daysas national holidays.

Obviously we're talking about Monday, April 1, Easter Monday Or – more vulgarly – “Easter Monday”, Thursday 25 April Liberation day And Wednesday, May 1, Work day. These are the days, where in general Those who work stay at homeat ease.

Ma How are these holidays calculated? On your salary? And what happens if – Work in shifts – Yes he is forced instead of To go to the office or factory? Let's put the matter in order and try to understand how national holidays are generally viewed in relation to workers' salaries.

Let's start first with the most common case, which is A employee That – on holidays – He is at rest. All CCNL (National Collective Labor Agreements) stipulate that National holidays they Pay regularlyas if we were working.

National holidays and payment voucher

In the cases mentioned in April and May – i.e Easter Monday, April 25 H 1 Maggio – These are public holidays this year They are located “inside” the week, Subsequently Payment is made normally. The case, for example, is different Easter Holidaywhich is obviously always Sunday: in this case Vacation “I didn't enjoy it”And so he comes Paid with compensation.

But be careful Holidays that fall on a Saturdaybecause in this case it is generally not turned on No pay or compensation. For example, this yearEpiphany – January 6 – falls on a Saturday, which is the case for the vast majority of workers A day that simply “didn't work out”.

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Holidays not enjoyed
Barbecue, typical of the holidays between April and May – Depositphotos –

Work on holidays

Let us now deal with the situation where the worker or shift worker in general He had to work on a public holiday. In this case, in general, the CCNL provides appropriate provisions Salary increases.

Even if it is advisable to check in detail what is stipulated in your employment contract, this can be said in principle Worked all holidays – If they occurred on a weekday – They are paid more. to'Minimum increase For the day that is from 30% – As for example in Trade sector – but it can even lead to an increase 50%as in the case of Iron workers.