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High seas tourism recovery, weighs delta variable

Vacations, Confcommercio: The recovery of tourism on the high seas, weighs variable delta

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Vacations, Confcommercio: The recovery of tourism on the high seas, weighs variable delta

Because of the delta variable, which is increasingly rampant in Italy, the tourism sector is struggling to restart. This is what emerges from Confturismo-Confcommercio and Swg Observatory about Italian travelers’ confidence for July. What weighs in is the absence of international and European tourists. On the other hand, Italians are rescheduling down, postponing vacation options and tending to cancel reservations.

Cancellation boom – If the number of Italians ready to leave is 17 million, then 34% of them, equivalent to 5.8 million, declare that they have already canceled at least one of the reservations for tourist services made previously, and of the remaining 66%, almost a third are ready So. Cancel what has been reserved if the epidemiological indicators worsen. In short, if there are already 8 million people on summer vacation this year missing compared to the numbers of Italians before the pandemic, it is likely that another 8 million fewer will be added.

July without expectations – After the “volatility” of June, July ends below expectations, with 9% of respondents choosing this month for 3- to 7-day vacations and 13% for vacations longer than a week. But in the expectations of citizens, August also falls, especially as a month for holidays over 7 days, passing from 33% to 28% of preferences; While September remains popular at the moment, especially for short vacations of one or two nights at the most.

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Delta variable effect – So, the Italians, compared to what happened in May, are postponing the expectations of departure and shortening the duration of flights. It is the “delta variable” effect and it is even more frightening than the new rules for green digital certificate accreditation that interviewees agree in 79% of cases, even if the survey closed on July 20, thus 3 days before the relative decree was issued.

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Foreign destinations suffer – More than suffers from all foreign destinations. Spain, Greece and France resist. Nine out of ten Italians choose domestic holidays, the highest value ever recorded in 5 years of surveys. Puglia, Sicily and Tuscany remain at the top of the list of preferences, along with the classic destinations of Veneto, Emilia-Romagna and Liguria, for a vacation 60% of Italians, at least in the expectations of the moment, are dedicated to the sea.