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Trauma withdrawal and conflicting releases

Trauma withdrawal and conflicting releases

A new development in this edition offamous island, Which, with ratings bordering on flops and sudden withdrawals, began under a terrible star. In fact, another castaway decided to give up and return home after spending just two weeks on the small island of Honduras that hosts the program. It's about to Pepe di Napoli, Neapolitan fishmonger The social media star is one of the outcasts who has aroused public interest so far thanks to his honesty and friendliness. His unexpected farewell has left everyone speechless and will partially disrupt the plans of the authors, who have already reported news of the next telecast in which Di Napoli himself will take part.

Celebrity Island loses Pepe Di Napoli: sudden retirement. What happens to TV

News of Pepe Di Napoli's retirement arrived late this afternoon. This was reported by the Celebrity Island social profiles on which the message was posted I reported With the announcement of abandonment:

“Peppe Di Napoli has decided to withdraw from L'Isola dei Famosi. The telecast has therefore been cancelled, and it will be reopened with the other four castaways who have already been nominated: Artur Dainese, Maite Giannis, Alvina Vericundi Skortycki and Khadi Gay. The votes were received in the session not to be considered Cancellations are valid, and users who voted via SMS will be refunded.

In fact, therefore, Celebrity Island TV broadcast He was simply reset and started from scratch, except for the retired castaway. This can also be seen from the official website of the reality show, where it is now once again possible to vote for the remaining castaways in the nominations: Artur, Maite, Alvina and Khadi. The result of the challenge will be announced during the next evening live broadcast scheduled for Monday, April 22 on Canale 5

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Why Pepe Di Napoli retired: his confession

Di Napoli explained the reasons that prompted him to leave the program Short video It spread on the island's famous social channels. “I'm leaving the island because I'm tired, and I can't do it anymore. I apologize to all Italians, but I'm leaving the island and leaving.”

Thus, in his case, it was not a specific physical problem that stopped the adventure in Honduras, but rather a general state of fatigue (it is not known whether physical or mental) that convinced him to stop. But in reality, Di Napoli appeared again in the evening on social media, where he partially edited his version and spoke about unspecified physical problems. The competitor wrote on Instagram:

Thank you all for this support. Unfortunately, due to physical problems I had to abandon the program. Thanks Italy! Grazia Naples! And thanks to the amazing crew at Mediaset Infinity Banjay: it's an experience I'll carry with me forever

Famous Cutting Island Loses: Three Withdrawals, One Disqualification, and Two “Suspended”

Pepe's retirement comes after retirement Francesca BergesioMiss Italy, who left the program due to a knee injury, and tonia romano, The NIP competitor returned to Italy before the start of the program for health reasons. Moreover, last Thursday, Celebrity Island lost another piece with the exclusion of Francesco Benigno, who was fired by the writers for unspecified “prohibited behaviour” (according to a rumor started by Barbiglia, he would have lost Arthur threatened With a stick).

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But there is a positive note for Marina Soma, whose condition is improving after her back injury. Likewise, Eduardo Franco and Aras Senol, who have been absent from the last few episodes due to contracting the coronavirus, should return soon.