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New ATECO Codes for Parks and Recreation while Traveling

New ATECO Codes for Parks and Recreation while Traveling

From 1 April 2022, new ATECO codes will be applied by Istat and the Revenue Agency, replacing 93.21.00.which is actually divided into 93.21.01relating to permanent parks and described in the Istat classification as “Amusement and parks management Water games, in which shows, exhibitions and services in general are provided 93.21.02 which distinguishes “Management of attractions and entertainment activities in the form of rides (rides) or mobile entertainment activities carried out using removable equipmentIn public and private places.

As a result, ISTAT has also amended the description of activities stipulated in ATECO Code 93.29.90, from which “puppet shows, shooting gallery activities and the like” are now excluded.Therefore this symbol is no longer suitable to represent leisure activities while travelling.

Code 93.29.30 instead includes “playrooms and multi-functional leisure and entertainment spaces.”. Finally, the ATECO code has also been created for family entertainment centers, which generally consist of various activities such as bowling, laser tag, motorized amusement rides, catering, spaces for children's parties, playgrounds and many other entertainment options. ATECO code 93.29.30 also includes new phenomena such as eSports, soft air and paintball.

INPS has also sent out CSC codes for theme parks and travel entertainmentAnd with Message number. 1560 dated April 7, 2022, relating to activities included in the new ATECO codes, which refer to codes 11808 and 70708.

With the pandemic, the government began to take advantage of the ATECO codes, which unfortunately, as simple national and European statistical indicators, approximate and non-volumetric, have become the key to suspending or reopening and supporting some activities at the expense of others. to'Istat update for ATECO codes 2022which also relates to other economic sectors, allows us to better understand the activities carried out by entertainment companies, whether they are theme parks, water parks or mobile entertainment activities in parks and city playgrounds.

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