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Trade, windmills, houses and works of art: Matteo Messina Tenaro’s 4 billion inheritance

Trade, windmills, houses and works of art: Matteo Messina Tenaro’s 4 billion inheritance

Four billion. The euro is high and the euro is low. Appraisal of assets seized and confiscated (probably in default) from the head of Caldelvetrano’s boss, Matteo Messina Tenaro, who fled after 30 years. The property of the Trapani mafia boss had everything: large-scale commercial distribution, windmills, tourist villages, buildings, works of art thanks to his fellow villager Giovanni Franco Pecina, who would have been the recipient of archaeological finds according to some penditi. Messina was stolen for the Tenaro family.

Matteo Messina loved Tenaro i Picciuli (money), but above all he loved luxury. You can tell by the watch he was wearing at the time of his arrest: a little thing worth 30,000 euros. It was there, on the little ones, that investigators focused on paralleling a hunt that mostly disappeared into thin air for a while. Over time, those involved in the investigation of Messina Tenaro’s movable and immovable assets were faced with a bottomless pit and a great potential to engage entrepreneurs.

One of these was Giuseppe Grigoli, whose assets amounted to 700 million euros were seized: Grigoli was accused of being the entrepreneurial wing of Matteo Messina Tenaro, the owner of a network of supermarkets of the Despar branded large-scale distribution: Supermarkets for Raja, renamed as Grigoli, twelve companies, 220 buildings ( buildings and villas) and 133 plots of land covering an area of ​​60 hectares were first seized and later confiscated. It was Grigoli who got Pecina into trouble: He told the judges that between 1999 and 2006 he was tasked with handing over to Matteo Messina’s brother-in-law Money’s Vincenzo Panicola, who received all the money from Castelvetrano art collector envelopes. .

Messina Tenaro, De Lucia “He had the ability to be in the business world”

According to investigators and judges, another part of the fortune of the Castelvetrano boss came thanks to wind energy. And the kidnapping ax fell hard in this case. Trapani entrepreneur Vito Nicastri, a former Alcamo electrician and Sicily’s green pioneer, managed the sector on behalf of the boss, who would keep the mafia boss’ keys safe for years. In Nicastri, defined as the king of the wind, assets worth one and a half billion euros were seized.

A former bricklayer from Castelvetrano, owned by Carmelo Patti, got himself into trouble on tax charges, ex-Valdur, ex-Valdur, who would have had mafia boss money, would have had mafia boss money, would have had mafia boss money. evasion. According to investigations, the bar’s right-hand accountant Michael Alagna, the father of one of Messina Tenaro’s mistresses, Francesca, gave the boss a daughter who was never identified. In 2018, the Trapani court seized properties in Patti for 1.5 billion, one of the largest patriarchal operations ever undertaken, Thia said: seals were placed on resorts, old Walthur’s properties, a 21-meter yacht, one-course golf courses. , land, 232 real estate properties and 25 companies.