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Rider who traveled 50km to deliver sandwich: “I don’t feel exploited, exploit us”

Rider who traveled 50km to deliver sandwich: “I don’t feel exploited, exploit us”

“If I go to the office for 8 hours to be quiet and have a 2 hour lunch break, I refuse.” Talk like this Philippe BaserlaRider whose story was told a few hours ago by one of his clients and regional councilor F.D.L. Andrea BassiIt has stirred up a lot of controversy. During one of many tedious work shifts, the man is traveling Fifty kilometersFrom Verona south to Puzzolengo, By bike, in the evening and in mid-January, a sandwich should be served. Whoever made that order should be prosecuted. In a mixture of remorse and anger, Bassi decided to share what happened on Facebook: “I ordered at 6.40pm from a well-known fast food chain, delivery was scheduled for 7.40pm, but at 8.50pm there was still no shadow,” he said. He writes on social media. “The boy arrived at 21:10 and when I saw his condition, anger turned to pain”. The speech continues with a complaint about the general working conditions of the Italian riders: “I did not fall from the clouds, but I experienced firsthand what was happening to these poor people, This is my first time using the app. I was ignorant and now I realize it. “

“I accepted the distance because I love my job”

But Ryder himself is speaking out on Facebook today. In response, Bassey explained that he didn’t actually feel exploited. In a long speech by Filippo Baserla, the counselor’s story resonates with a clear message of how the boy is happy with the work he is doing. And it’s “because the amount of money on my way doesn’t count. How much quality of time I live. In short, if I have to go to the office and be quiet for 8 hours, with a 2-hour meal break, in short, I refuse these foreign and at least to me sad things. I have Always have and always will.” The identity of the rider remained anonymous until a few hours ago. But a post shared on social networks has given a name to those who, despite their customer’s complaint, did not suffer their condition.

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“leave us alone”

«The distance was great», the boy admits, “If I accept that delivery, it’s because I love my job and I can refuse them if I want. And this app is a delivery, so it’s not even true that I’m being punished for refusing. I also told the commissioner, the problem is that there are no other riders except me! But I could have done it 4 or 5 because I refused 3 times». Bazerla then refers to Basi directly: “If he wanted, he could have canceled the order before and 5 minutes after the contract offer, but if he had done that, I would have received compensation. But this way is better, otherwise I’ll go to Puzzolengo, I’ll travel with nothing, and then find out that it didn’t go well.


The boy decided to make a post in defense of his work, due to the exploitation, in his view, the type of riders often finds himself a victim, named “many times with inappropriate and ulterior motives.” And for these reasons the final request: “We don’t need rules, we’re intentional riders, so you leave us alone.”

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