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“M5S From Shameful Method”.  And a storm erupted over the deal over CSM

“M5S From Shameful Method”. And a storm erupted over the deal over CSM

Majority parties and opposition parties have come to an agreement on electing ten lay members High Council of Judiciary, even if the mutterings of the Movemento 5 Stella in the afternoon make a change in progress. The agreement was reached after various negotiations were needed to overcome the impasse and reach an agreement. The Joint Session of Parliament convened at 4 PM and voting is currently underway.

M5S’s veto

There were strong doubts on the part of the M5S about one of the names provided by Italy’s brothers. It was feared that Grilni’s discontent would slow down the election, but the deal should still go ahead: initially the Meloniers did not respond to the first call, but now they have asked for the referendum to be withdrawn to reveal their vote. options.

Name omitted Joseph Valentine Of the FdI, he decided to take a step back and therefore withdraw his candidacy: “No spade of lying, no matter how shameful, unimaginable, will ever destroy my credibility, my honor and integrity.“. The controversy revolves around the news of an alleged investigation involving him. He will be replaced by Felice Giuffre.

“No” of 5 stars has provoked anger Lucio MallonLeader of the Brethren of Italy in the Senate: “The manner and timing of what I consider to be false and insulting news about Giuseppe Valentino withdrawing his nomination as a gentleman is certainly regrettable.“.

In the same order Thomas FotiFdI’s group leader in the room: “A bellwether mud machine that only a bogus ‘progressive’ front can implement can’t hurt his bad reputation. The mud hurled at him was shameful and no one dared to question his professionalism“. The deputy echoed him Alfredo AntoniozziWho Condemned “A shameless Goebbelsian method“Used by Motion.

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CSM candidates

to Brothers of Italy There are Isabella Bertolini (lawyer), Daniela Bianchini (lawyer), Rosanna Natoli (lawyer) and Felice Giuffre (professor and lawyer). for that League Included are Claudia Etcher (lawyer) and Fabio Pinelli (lawyer). in height Come on Italy The name of Enrico Aimee (lawyer) is mentioned.

Only one member is expected from each of the opposition parties: Roberto Rompoli (Professor). Democratic Party; Michael Papa (Professor). 5 star operation; Ernesto Carbone (lawyer). The third pole Action and developed by Italia Viva. The group was outside the treaty Greens And Leave the Italian: The red-greens proposed the figure of jurist Tamar Pitch, philosopher and sociologist of law. “We will not endorse a contract that includes names that we are not affiliated with and do not represent us in any way“, Deputy Marco Grimaldi said.

A game on casual members

on the website House of Representatives No fewer than 287 nominations were received by 10 am for the purpose of electing ten members of the High Council of the Judiciary. Today only the name Vakil came up Rosanna NatoliWhose nomination is not individual but through Members of Parliament.

In recent days the situation has turned upside down Pink stocks. In the end, Fratelli d’Italia untied the knot by proposing three women out of a total of four names presented by the FdI (specifically, these were Isabella Bertolini, Daniela Bianchini and Rosanna Natoli). A line by Matteo Salvini’s league has included lawyer Claudia Etcher alongside Fabio Pinelli.

As for the film, the film is completely different objections: Out-of-majority parties, engaged in pacts, focus only on the nomination of men. Negotiations stalled for a while in the presence of female candidates to be presented. In fact, the law respects gender equality. A solution had to be found in view of the election in question and the result agreed upon.

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