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Thousands march against gender ideology

Thousands march against gender ideology

gender ideology

In Honduras, thousands are demonstrating against gender ideology

Honduran civil society representatives, including the Catholic and Evangelical churches, organized a rally in the country’s main cities against “gender ideology”. The march was called by the “Our Children’s Movement” to “The President’s Question” Xiomara Castro Not signing the Universal Education Act for the Prevention of Teenage Pregnancy,” said the Archbishop of San Pedro Sula, Miguel Lenihan. Protesters, including many children, carried blue and white national flags and banners with messages against gender ideology and law enforcement in Honduras, where 1 in 4 births is to girls under the age of 19.

Brazil: Sem Terra movement abandons agrarian reform and focuses on Marxism and awakening ideology

Land reform and abortion have no clear connection but neither does the Landless Workers Movement (MST) which, while never hiding its ideological alliance with the radical left, espouses orientations that Marxist-inspired movements have not traditionally considered relevant, and is generally more concerned with the task of defeating the capitalist economic model. Despite its connections to the Catholic Church, the official page of MST published an article in which the authors gave recommendations on how to persuade “working-class” women to support legalizing abortion.

The article lists the religiosity of the Brazilian people as an obstacle to decriminalizing abortion and offers recommendations on how to communicate with lower-class women. This is only the latest example of how the movement, as the cause of agrarian reform in an increasingly urbanized country fades away, is fighting over issues unrelated to the distribution of land in the countryside. Translator: The poor are drawn into the movement in hopes of getting land, but end up being used to spread ideas like “LGBT LandlessIn which the group acknowledges that its ultimate goal is socialism, but claims that the topic of sexuality is useful in the pursuit of that goal.

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“Today we see sexual diversity as part of this struggle and resistance in the current political context, giving material importance to the popular project that brings with it the dream of land and free people,” says the material, which then inspires: “Today, a rainbow has been added to the red of our flag to build a socialist society, free from oppression and exploitation.” Recently, MST has expanded its agenda.

The enterprise is now promoting A workshop on feminism in the Marxist version. “Marxism joins the feminist debate because it brings into its studies the origin of class differences and oppression of the working class and makes us rethink how women are oppressed by the capitalist system of private property.” Jean Marie Lambert, Professor Emeritus at the Pontifical Catholic University of Goiás, explains that the MST agenda goes beyond the redistribution of land and involves a redefinition of what human nature is. “What they are proposing is a new anthropological paradigm. It is a project of power, of course, but it is not a project of power in the classical Marxist sense. It is a project of anthropological change.”

In May, the Sejm set up a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry “to investigate the actions of the famous peasant movement and its real purpose and financiers.” (Here is the full article on Gazeta do Povo)

Paolo Manzo, July 25, 2023

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