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WhatsApp’s new design is arriving on Android and iOS, and it’s simpler with a darker dark mode

WhatsApp’s new design is arriving on Android and iOS, and it’s simpler with a darker dark mode

WhatsApp Announce the implementation of a An important visual makeover for its iOS and Android apps, which now presents itself with a more modern and simpler look. The new features are being rolled out on both mobile platforms to users running the latest version of the client, and should reach everyone over the next few days.

With the new redesign, WhatsApp is trying to make the experience of using the service on Google and Apple mobile platforms more cohesive, with The home screen looks cleaner either way. Icons and widgets have also been updated with a more refined and accurate design, new chat animations and backgrounds have been introduced, with 35 new panels that expand the app’s customization possibilities.

WhatsApp announces new redesign on iOS and Android

One of the most important changes concerns Dark mode on Android, which now uses a deeper gray level than previous versions, increasing contrast and readability. An innovation that not only improves the overall aesthetic appearance, but also reduces eye strain in low-light conditions, making the user experience more comfortable and enjoyable.

The redesign also includes functional changes to improve ease of use: on Android we find a new native version of the tab bar, placed at the bottom to simplify its use; While on iOS, sending photos and videos has been simplified with a new layout for attachments, no longer full screen, allowing users to easily access content such as media, surveys, and documents. Both versions are now offered chat filters, This makes it easy to find any previous conversations.

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second WhatsApp, this new design direction has been carefully thought out and tested with preview build users to ensure the best possible user experience. Mention the updates in design It is currently rolling out and will be available to all WhatsApp users on iOS and Android in the next few days.