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China has big dreams: a moon base in a space future

China has big dreams: a moon base in a space future

Lunar bases are the latest innovation from China, which is actively involved in the conquest of space

the Chinese Gained global attention with the recent release of a CGI video Who draws a future vision for him Lunar basean ambitious project designed to take shape over the next few decades, in Cooperation with Russia. This work of cinema awed not only for its visual splendor, but also for its magnificence the details Very surprising.

The strange element of surprise

to’Debate element He was stimulated by the presence of one Space ship from NASA During the lift-off phase, a detail that amazed experts and other space travel enthusiasts.

this An unexpected presence It almost seems like aRidiculous oddity Coming from Chinese space programmeOr a simple one Error distractionConsidering that the Space Shuttle was retired from active service more than a decade ago. It is worth noting that China and NASA do not have a history of direct cooperation, which is not surprising given the tensions between the two countries.

for every correct This little slip, China Global Television Network I adopted a simple but effective solution, Shuttle blocking with Blur bar in the video. This move sparked more Humorous comments By the media and experts.

China and its future space missions

But, despite these small hiccups,Chinese space agency He’s done Remarkable progress In his space race. One of the successful businesses in Landing On the The dark side of the moon To the rapid construction of one A complete space stationChina has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for technological advancement.

currently, Chinese Conducts research on how to build He lives on the moon Using bricks derived from lunar soil and explores the possibility Create foundations Inside ancient lunar lava tubes. These efforts indicate China’s continued commitment to the exploration and exploitation of outer space, which could shape the future of space missions.

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