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A cyber mystery in Moscow: Zelensky and Poroshenko excluded from the most wanted list

A cyber mystery in Moscow: Zelensky and Poroshenko excluded from the most wanted list

Ambiguity in Russian databases. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky And the former leader of Kiev Petro Poroshenko It disappeared from the list required From the Russian Interior Ministry, to which they were recently appointed. The news was published by the news agency TASSaccording to which when entering the corresponding requests of Ukrainian politicians, the writing appears: “There is no information available for your request“.

The reasons for removing Zelensky and Poroshenko from the list were not specified. Monday was listed on May 4.”According to Art Penal Code” which had not been previously specified. The Kremlin’s move was seen as another step escalation From the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, because it would have made the current president of Kiev in particular a target for Moscow in all respects. Therefore, it is difficult to link the fact that his name was canceled with the decision of the Russian authorities. It could be the result of a Pirate attack From the security services of the invaded country, from Russian sympathizers or pro-Ukrainian groups.

In addition to putting him on the wanted list, the Kremlin authorities attempted to do so at least a dozen times assassinate Zelensky. The latest plot was foiled on May 7, thanks to the work of Kiev’s counterintelligence and security services, leading to the arrest of two colonels from the Udo State Security Department, which protects the Ukrainian leadership. According to investigations by the State Security Service, the senior traitorous officers were paid their salaries.”Between 46 thousand and 74 thousand euros“They had to eliminate not only the president, but his boss as wellIntelligence army Vasyl Malyuk At the head of the secret services Kirilo Budanov. Following the discovery of the plot, the President dismissed the commander of the arrested Colonel Sergei Leonidovich Rud.

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Zelensky’s killing was supposed to be a “gift to Putin” on the occasion of his fifth inauguration as president of the Union. Since the beginning of the conflict, the Kremlin has sent Federal Security Service (FSB) agents, mercenaries and Chechen special forces in an attempt to eliminate the enemy leader. But the security surrounding the president was always able to thwart the invaders’ efforts. Zelensky is surrounded Three levels For direct security and constant monitoring Satellites British-Americans, reconnaissance and radar aircraft.

Moreover, he always moves at night in sleeping cars of unknown origin and the details of his movements are known only to his collaborators.