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Storm Hans hits northern Europe: fallen trees, torn roofs, floods and power outages – VIDEO


Heavy rains, strong winds of up to 130 km / h, floods and hailstorms. Storm Zacharias (the official name given to it by the University of Berlin), which was renamed “Hans” on the internet, is currently battering all of northern Europe. According to experts, the most powerful atmospheric turbulence in the past 30 years may hit countries such as Denmark, Norway and the Baltic states. Videos posted on social media showed trees uprooted, torn roofs and lampposts, power outages, floods and, in marine areas, waves up to 8-9 meters high. Authorities have issued weather warnings for at least 10 countries: Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and finally Finland. The storm also forced the concerned countries to suspend maritime traffic, as well as hundreds of flights from airports.

Yesterday, Monday 7th August, a train with 120 passengers on board derailed in Hudiksvall, Sweden due to a flood on this stretch of railway. Moreover, in the south of the country, several houses were flooded and some cars were closed due to the high water level, but they were freed thanks to the interventions of rescuers. According to local radio pg. 4The Göta Canal has flooded and damage is feared in Gothenburg, the second Swedish city to be crossed by the swollen river. In Norway, the mayor of Oslo advised his citizens to work from home “to avoid road congestion and public transport problems,” the agency reported. Ritzau. Floods and landslides during the morning hit several municipalities in southeastern Norway, forcing 119 people to evacuate their homes and blocking many roads.

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