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Those euro banknotes will soon be gone: here they are

Those euro banknotes will soon be gone: here they are

The coins and banknotes that have been a part of normal daily life for more than two decades were designed by the European Union some time ago, which proceeded to review various drawings and test samples before finding “squareness” in 8 samples of paper money of various denominations. However, euro banknotes have already undergone some significant changes in terms of money transfer.

Those euro banknotes will soon be gone: here they are

In fact, of the just mentioned 8 copies of paper money, only 7 are still produced, since the start of the second series of banknotes, inaugurated in 2012 starting with the 5 euro, the 500 euro denomination which is no longer printed by any country Of the 30 countries that use the euro today.

The impulse, which was also officially announced some time ago by European Central Bankeasy to understand, and it is rooted in the high purchasing power of this monetary denomination that is often exploited for illegal transfers and evading various controls, including financial controls, as it is easy to imagine, in fact, that a small number of these banknotes is sufficient to “transfer sums Big money The 500 euro banknote will remain valid forever even if the number, which is already reduced compared to other forms of paper money, is destined to run out.

A similar fate also seems to have befallen the €200 banknote, for the same reasons applied to the “big sister”, along with the tendency to reduce cash transactions of a certain size, an increasingly “normal” reality even in countries such as “Italy”. Where money is not always regulated and ‘restricted’. Everyone enjoys it.

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Starting next year, the European Central Bank will start the process that will lead to the development of new forms of paper money, the third series of euro banknotes that will probably be developed in “only” 6 copies, from the smallest 5 euros up to 100 euros.