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Stop Shared Accounts on Netflix Details: How the company will block access

after many progress And test in Latin America, at the end Netflix On joint accounts it is also a reality in Italy. While it’s been clear for several months that the streaming giant no longer intends to allow a single account to be used by multiple non-coexisting people, it’s not yet clear how that will happen. However, for a few hours, the explanation of the system in questions and answers on the platform website. Under “Share your Netflix account” it says “People who don’t live under one roof as you will have to use their own account to access Netflix”. The streaming giant also informs that when a device that isn’t under the same roof as others accesses the account for a “significant” period, it will be prompted to verify it via temporary code for 15 minutes. From that moment on, the device will be allowed to access the account. So it seems the pressure will be more for those who support others’ accounts without permission than for those who have organized themselves to share the same thing Subscription.

remaining subscriptions

In fact, the list of available subscriptions does not show, as happened in Latin America, the prices to be paid for those who want to open their account for additional users. With the exception of shares, the cheapest IPO remains from 5.49 euros with ads And one usable screen at a time. The news is part of Netflix’s strategy aimed at replenishing the coffers of the company, which has seen its revenue plummet in recent months. As of April 2022, Netflix lost subscribers for the first time in 10 years. The number of people registered was about 200,000 less than it was at the end of the previous year.

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