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The entrepreneur offers up to 2,000 euros per month, but cannot find employees: “we need drivers”

baron Vitantonio ColucciFounder Polya plastic (world leader in drip irrigation sector) monopolyHe has been looking for employees for his company for six months. However, his job offers did not produce the desired results, despite the good reputation of the company: since 2019, he has offered a bonus of 6,000 euros to employees upon the birth of children, in addition to 350 euros per month for a whole year. However, there are no drivers, mechanics, electricians, carpenters and general workers.

«I don’t know the exact reasons for this situation, but something is clearly not working – explains Colucci to Corriere del Mezzogiorno -. On the one hand, there are entrepreneurs who offer work, and on the other hand, there are those who are looking for it, but these two categories do not meet each other. The state should take action and ensure that there is a point of contact.”

Presentation of the company’s work

Plastic Puglia offers a driver salary of between 1,600 and 1,700 euros per month, which can go up to 2,200 euros if there is additional work or travel involved. “We offer a regular employment contract, which is stipulated in national legislation, and immediate hiring, but despite this we cannot find employees,” adds the entrepreneur.

“The last time we hired 10 guys,” Colucci continues. The company will require a minimum of 10 other drivers. We are primarily looking for drivers who hold C+CQC licences, who are available for national mobility to carry goods to their destination. It is a matter of commuting, especially in the south, one goes home every evening.”

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The company currently employs about 200 people and, according to Colucci, “everyone is doing well, they are happy” and Colucci concludes: “We have staff in service for 40 years, we are like a big family.”