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This new Ferrari looks like it comes from Formula 1: a very powerful car that has never been seen before in Maranello

This new Ferrari looks like it comes from Formula 1: a very powerful car that has never been seen before in Maranello

Its name is F1 but it can go on the road. What is a Ferrari and why does it give you such a unique thrill?

Imagine one day being able to participate in a single-seater race on a track. On a practical level, this is not possible, because driving this type of car is very complex on a physical level due to the force of gravity that is exerted in particular on the neck. Therefore, to allow lovers of speed and luxury to enjoy a car capable of achieving similar performance, Ferrari created a racing car It has an evocative name and a super-powerful engine.

Ferrari has created a road car with amazing performance –

It goes without saying that this is not the classic everyday car, as interior space has been reduced to a minimum with the application of technology and a rear spoiler, a first for a Red, making it a sophisticated gem.

The SF90 XX Spider will be a 'toy' for some. In fact, only 599 units will be built, and among other things, all of them have already been sold. For those who prefer the coupe version, don't worry. There will be an SF90 XX Stradale.

Ferrari is winking at Formula 1, and it's all about the new model

If you are wondering why XX, we answer that it is the program dedicated to the series of cars produced by Cavallino exclusively for the track. In this case because you can definitely take to the street. To make the car even more performing, the lines have been revised compared to the previous model using composite materials to maximize aerodynamic response.

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Ferrari SF90 supercar engine performance
Here is one of the most powerful Ferraris ever (Ansa) –

Its power is 1030 hpa number that will make your wrists tremble, coming from The twin-turbo V8 has redesigned pistons and combustion chamber sidewalls. It should be specified that this is a hybrid car. The three electric motors are positioned between the eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox and the V8 heat engine, while only two are inserted on the front axle..

The transition from zero to 100 km/h takes place Only 2.3 secondswhile it takes 6.7 to reach 200. By pressing the throttle to the maximum you get 320 km/h. The 7.9 kWh battery behind the seats allows you to do just that Covered a distance of 25 km with the “green” engine only.

How do you recharge the battery? With regenerative braking, the secret is all in the throttle. It is worth noting the standard brakes and the EVO ABS system, which predictively controls the pressure of the discs on the wheels.