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On February 23 Fossa's impressions but without a vote

On February 23 Fossa’s impressions but without a vote

On February 23 at 16:00 newspaper publication ban Elden Ring ReviewYou know, Fossa has been playing the new FromSoftware title for a few days and when the ban ends we’ll start talking in depth about Elden Ring, but for now there won’t be a vote.

As written by us Francesco Fossetti on FacebookI am of the opinion that getting to the expiration of the ban in full judgment is important, but not so much for the clicks, numbers, and chatter that arise after the allocation of the vote: it is important because our role is also to provide a service to the public, to give direction to those who are looking for it to evaluate the purchase. To play this role, it is desirable to have as real experience as possible, to allow thoughts to settle, and to reflect. When this situation does not happen, it is better to wait.

We had a week to dissect the Elden Ring and as we mentioned we will talk about the game at the end of the ban on the site with a very rich article and it will be there live on Twitch channel from Everyeye.itAnd the But at this first stage, there will be no votingThis will only come later.

We are aware of the fact that many newspapers will publish a review tomorrow.”traditionalistsBy voting, in this case, however, we preferred to act differently in the face of a highly anticipated title like Elden Ring. Even if there was no vote at this first stage, we wouldn’t fail to publish Clear, honest and comprehensive analysis: “However, I think the story of the experience I’ve had so far can be important, and I hope the public will be interested even if there is no voting. I will do my best to tell the feelings, sensations and news that come from Interregnum. It’s going to be a long trip, so get ready! “