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They steal motorcyclists’ smartphones: that’s how they do it.

They steal motorcyclists’ smartphones: that’s how they do it.

An upcoming viral video shows the lightning theft of a smartphone by a Bicycle riderattracting the attention of the media and netizens around the world.

Video, shared on the web, captures a file A motorcyclist is traveling along a busy road with one Smartphone hooked to the handlebar from his bike thanks to the support, to use it as a satellite navigator. At some point, another motorcyclist joins us, and with a quick, coordinated movement, Grab your smartphone and run away with his motorcycle.

The theft was filmed by a video camera placed on the stolen motorcyclist’s helmet. The photos were posted on various social media platforms, where they quickly went viral.

This theft sparked outrage among social media users who expressed concern about theincrease in crime On the streets of Brazil, that’s where the video comes from. Many motorcyclists have also warned of the dangers Display valuables in full viewsuch as smart phones, when traveling in crowded roads.

Brazil robbery

It is important to stress that in addition to economic value From smartphones, these devices often have files Personal data and sensitive information that criminals can use for illegal purposes. Therefore, security experts recommend Take preventive measures To protect your devices from theft and misuse.

The police issued a statement saying they were aware of the incident and took place The investigation began to locate the suspect. Meanwhile, they urged citizens to be careful and not display valuables in public to avoid becoming targets for similar thefts.

Brazil smartphone


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