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This Ferrari features Apple details on the dashboard which makes it unique: it is full of hearts

This Ferrari features Apple details on the dashboard which makes it unique: it is full of hearts

Ferrari cars have always been light years ahead of competitors. Here’s the solution that left everyone speechless in 2008.

Once upon a time there was a Ferrari that was also victorious in Formula 1 and was not present in the sales rankings and in other motorsport categories. The last world title won in 2008 in Formula 1 was celebrated in grand style. After the glorious year 2007 Rosa came close to scoring a brace And this time the protagonist was not Kimi Raikkonen, but the good Felipe Massa.

Ferrari and Apple –

For the Scuderia, winning two titles in a row with different drivers is an exceptional goal. Recently, Mercedes has only been successful with Hamilton and Rosberg. In 2008, the Brazilian came close to world championship recognitionBut he was overtaken in the last moments by Lewis Hamilton.

The latter celebrated the first of his seven world championships at the wheel of a McLaren. Massa also launched a lawsuit to recognize this title after his battles with Hamilton. The Anglo-Caribbean will be the new driver for Scuderia next season. Historical courses and events awaiting the World Cup, which has been absent for 16 years.

Ferrari is very special

To celebrate the 16th constructors’ title in the history of Scuderia Modena, 430 Scuderia Spider 16M were launched. The convertible is equipped with an iPod Touch located on the dashboard instead of the classic radio.

It was an absolute rarity Who anticipated the modern concept of on-board multimedia. An example of a 430 Scuderia Spider 16M for sale at HR Owen in the UK has this amazing option.

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Not all 499 examples of this special edition had the iPod Touch option. In fact, the car came standard with a traditional Becker Cascade radio with iPod and Bluetooth connectivity.

In the video above posted by Simone Russo, you can see the special edition 16GB iPod Touch, presented in an Alcantara case with a quick walkthrough. Long before Apple CarPlay arrived, that isThe removable device is placed in the center console with the main functions.

When the 430 Scuderia Spider 16M was released, Apple was selling a 32GB version of the iPod Touch. Ferrari clearly wanted the 16GB model to celebrate the number of victories in Formula 1.

Today this number is identified with that of Charles Leclerc. The latter, who grew up in the Ferrari academy, has become a fan favourite. In 2014 The Modena-based company was the first in the world to integrate Apple CarPlay into a standard display on an FF supercar. Interwoven stories of business triumphs and successes.