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They are no longer the “poor cousins” of the United States

They are no longer the “poor cousins” of the United States

the Canada wins the semi-finals in the Basketball World Cup. The North American squad defeated Slovenia, led by Luka Doncic, in the quarter-finals in a match that only lasted half the match, before Shay Gilgios Alexander took over and began to control the match.

Doncic kicked out and defeated: Canada beat Slovenia

there Slovenia’s story stops at the quarter-finals. A nervous Luka Doncic could do nothing against Canada. The North Americans looked to be the better side from the start against Slovenia, but managed to hold on to the game thanks to Loka Magic Spells and to one A grandiose performance at Prepelich Stadium.

But in the second half of the match, the Slovenians’ offensive drop was enough to allow Canada to take off, Doncic suffered a Brooks and Dort sign In the end, he replaced technicians and the resulting dismissal ended his game prematurely. From that moment on, they are Canada and Slovenia must give way.

World Cup, Canada is pursuing a dream

now to Canada’s road to the final He was suspended by Serbia in a match that promises to be very balanced between two different teams but at a very high level. The times when Canadians were considered “poor cousins” to Canadians United State. Long gone are the times when there was one An episode of The SimpsonsBart was only able to be part of the national team because he “came close to making the basket.” Now Canada is intimidating and risks becoming a problem even for its star neighbours, who could meet in the final.

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The star is the Gilgios Alexander tea: The Oklahoma City Thunders player literally exploded last season to become one of the first division stars and feels more than a few regrets in the Clippers’ home that he deserted to get Paul George. But there is a lot of talent, especially in defence Brooks and Lou Dort Who are the specialists. To complete the team like other young and talented player RG Barrett. Canadians are among those who can also complain about absences given this Andrew Wiggins and Jamal Murray They should have given up on the expedition, but they are already aiming for the World Cup.

Solid Germany: Latvia, led by Luca Banshee, was wiped out

In the other daytime quarter-final match at the FIBA ​​World Cup, he only won And in the last second it was Germany. A team that may not have the talent of its opponents but is well organized and continues to be tough when faced with these events. there Latvia by Luca Banshee He fought until the end, regaining 10 points in the final but missing the basket with Bertans that could have given him the semi-final dream. Now for Germany there will be a semi-final with the USA.

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