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Theia and the front with the Earth: this is how the moon was born [VIDEO]

Theia and the front with the Earth: this is how the moon was born [VIDEO]

If we can admire the spectacle of the Moon in our sky we owe it to Thea, the mother of Selene or the Moon Goddess. the film

The most reliable hypothesis for the moon’s formation is the “collision” hypothesis with Theia. It was such a big planet Mars And the most catastrophic event that ever happened on Earth was born. In fact, Theia wouldn’t have simply “peeled” our planet in a soft crash: it would have been violent instead.Beforebetween the two celestial bodies, which would have profoundly changed the chemical composition of our planet. This happened about 4 and a half billion years ago, when our planet was just 100 million years.

Artistic representation of the conflict between Land And Thea. Credit: Dana Perry/SwRI

A very violent fight

It remains to be seen whether this violent clash has distanced it from the young woman Land water that may have existed then. The newly formed moon will consist mostly of remnants Thea (from 50% to 70%) with the share of ground materials fluctuating from 10% to 30%. This theory will explain a lot about moonFor example, because the moon seems to lack water and volatile components, because the core of the moon is very small and also the same as the movement of the moon around the sun Land.

water on the ground

It is believed that a lot of water reached Land This was during many collisions with small asteroids, which occurred tens of millions of years after they collided with the planet. We await more details of our beautiful past moonIt’s nice to think that his mother, TheaRest in peace under us. Here is a NASA supercomputer simulation of the moon’s formation:


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