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Saturn Obscured by the Moon: Watch the amazing video

Saturn Obscured by the Moon: Watch the amazing video

The Moon would appear huge compared to Saturn: pure illusion because it is a snapshot of Earth. The Lord of the Rings is located 1.3 billion kilometers from our planet

An amazing video due to the conjunction / occultation between our planet and Saturn, the lord of the rings. Phenomena of this kind are by no means rare, and photographing them with a telescope is a wonderful thing. In fact, the two bodies are approximately 1.3 billion kilometers apart! The next video is great:

Some information about the solar system (where Saturn and the moon are located)

Our solar system extends far beyond the eight planets that orbit the sun. The solar system also includes the Kuiper Belt, which lies beyond the orbits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Astronomers believe that there are millions of small icy objects in this region, including hundreds of thousands larger than 100 kilometers (100 km).Pluto’s diameter is 2376 km). In addition to rock and water ice, objects in the Kuiper Belt also contain a variety of other frozen compounds such as ammonia and methane (Here to find out more).

shell surrounding the solar system

Beyond that is the Oort Cloud. This giant spherical crust surrounds our solar system. It has never been directly observed, but its presence has been predicted based on mathematical models and observations of comets likely originating there. The Oort Cloud consists of mountain-sized (sometimes larger) ice fragments orbiting our Sun, up to 1.6 light-years away. It extends from 5,000 astronomical units to 100,000 astronomical units. An astronomical unit (or AU) is the distance from the Sun to Earth, or about 150 million km. The Oort Cloud is the boundary of the Sun’s gravitational influence (Here to learn more about the Oort cloud).

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The heliosphere is the bubble created by the solar windA stream of electrically charged gas flows outward in all directions. The boundaries at which the solar wind suddenly slows down due to the pressure of interstellar gases are called “Termination shock(between 80-100 astronomical units). Two NASA space probes, launched in 1977, experienced the shock of the end: Voyager 1 in 2004 and Voyager 2 in 2007. It will take thousands of years before the two spacecraft can exit the Oort Cloud.

sourceCover image courtesy of Jan Coit