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Word spreads, Staveley stopped?  Behind him were pickpockets

Word spreads, Staveley stopped? Behind him were pickpockets

The phenomenon of pickpockets in Milan is increasingly taking the form of a state of emergency, spread throughout the city and on all public transport, ready to steal anything at the expense of poor citizens and visiting tourists. On this topic, the satirical news program on Canale 5, Striscia La Notizia, launched a real crusade for us, where we went out to track down thieves in the subway and railway stations.Pickpocketing“, i.e. from pickpocketing. With one of the main correspondents, Valerio Staveli, who is now known by the same scoundrels, who flee at the sight of him.

But the latest episode that happened to Antonio Ricci’s crew was jarring. A collaborator from Strechia, who was in possession of a regular ticket at Milan Centrale Station, was blocked at the entrance gates by ground staff, while pickpockets crept past her undisturbed, preventing further investigation into the train robberies. This pause requires intervention Valerio Staveli himself, but when he asked for clarification, a station employee replied: “We’ll fire them. She’s just making the show.” Public panic as thieves passed the turnstiles and wandered around the station committing crimes. The full report will be broadcast this evening on Striscia La Notizia. The phenomenon of pickpockets is an increasingly worrying phenomenon, and about a month ago, the vice president of Milan’s security committee, Nicholas Vaccaro, was also involved in it, against his will.

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The man was at the station Metro Garibaldi M2In front of the turnstiles, he was targeted by pickpockets, surrounded by 8 women in a threatening manner and a man disguised as a security guard. She then reported the incident to the commission on Instagram: “Pickpockets attempted to attack the Vice President in Garibaldi on the M2 motorway in front of the turnstiles while he was alerted to the presence of pickpockets along with other boys from the anti-pickpocket squad. Nicholas was surrounded by eight pickpockets and a man who pretended to be a state police security guard.” “.

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Here’s Strechia’s video