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The whirlwind journey of Marco Maddaloni and Beatrice Luzzi – Big Brother 2023

The whirlwind journey of Marco Maddaloni and Beatrice Luzzi – Big Brother 2023

Food, forests, outdoors, nature: It was supposed to be a relaxing day for the tenants, but something went wrong!

Beatrice H MarcoDue to some tension, they start arguing, interrupting the perfect moment. According to the hero, the woman provoked him by raising the issue of nomination. It's been a great day: Why start an argument? In all cases, a person justifies himself. He nominated her to hurt his Neapolitan pride.

Beatrice asks why he didn't choose VittorioWho called it a bedside table. The athlete himself explains: Vittorio is a young man, who does not want to stand in his way and hopes to have a great career.

The man continues the accusations and blames her for ruining the model's path and being greedy. She is a very intelligent woman, but she never makes her qualities available to others.

He also intervenes Perla Support Marco's theses. The judo player's words, according to the girl, are impeccable and are constructive criticism.

At the end of the clip, Marco offers an explanation: He denounced her so much because he felt provoked. “Jiu Jiu, daddy worked today too.” The woman would say so, and name her son in turn.

Beatrice tells a different version. According to his vision, she would do everything to keep her voice down and never raise her voice. Marco disagrees: she too was rude, and rudely silenced him.

Alfonso conducts an analysis with the tenants. The host remains true to what he saw, finding that Beatrice was surrounded by the group and that the fact that the woman was alone against all was indisputable.

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Greece Alfonso interrupts and explains that Beatrice has been rude since the trip, and is talking in her ear Sergio.

The host continues the conversation. From a formal standpoint, the actress is not wrong in saying that the house is united against her, but there is no need for drama or exaggeration, as in any case no dangerous episodes occurred.

Every time I see you united against Beatrice, it bothers me” specifies the host, although she is convinced that the actress is able to defend herself in the best possible way.

According to Birla, everyone in the house is thoughtful and respectful of each other. If Beatrice is lonely, it is because she wants to voluntarily isolate herself.

From the study, Cornflower He can't understand how no one came to Piya's defense. The scene was, in his view, unpleasant, and in terms of aggression, Perla was no different.

It is the role of Beatrice, who is hurt by the laziness of others. No one intervened to calm Marco's tone. The problem, she says, is that her words are always read with hatred and thus misinterpreted.

Anita also gives her opinion. A woman should take a step back and try to change her thinking, and not always see evil, even when it does not exist.

Alfonso concludes his speech with a plea: he hopes everyone can turn the page and shine. Only in this way will they be able to return to the joy and calm they were in the beginning.

The tenants listen in silence. Did they get the message?

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