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Gali and Cazzolo spoil Santoro's plans: “The word genocide? I wouldn't use it.”

Gali and Cazzolo spoil Santoro's plans: “The word genocide? I wouldn't use it.”

The disputes around Sanremo do not subside. In recent days, Ghali, a Milanese rapper of Tunisian origin who participated in the 74th edition of the festival, made headlines because he released pro-Gaza messages from the Ariston Theater stage. This situation was also repeated during the latest episode of Domenica In. That's why Rai CEO Roberto Sergio asked broadcaster Mara Venier to read a statement in which she expressed her solidarity with Israel. This was the topic of controversy at half past eight. Michele Santoro took the floor and admitted: “With regard to Gali, I would not have used the term ‘genocide’,” later explaining: “But at this moment it means let’s stop the weapons and the massacre of innocents.”

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“But if we read the international treaties regulating genocide, we may be in the middle of an act that can be defined as genocide”: this is how the journalist and founder of the Peace, Land and Dignity List later expressed himself. “Amadeus took a questionable position on the sewers, completely outside of history, but he said what he wanted without remembering or explaining all the events. Why – continued Santoro – if Galli scratched the consolidated information, he should assume that there was October 7? Speaking about Palestine, Ghali said, “Rai's CEO shouldn't be so quick to make a response statement by assigning it to an announcer. I would have been smarter to have had an announcer read it. At that point, Aldo Cazzullo, also Lilly Gruber's guest, chimed in. Discussion: The journalist at the Corriere della Sera newspaper said in response to his colleague’s statements: “I would not use the word genocide.”

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