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Among the trendy shoes, these are the trendy sandals that can't be lost in your shoe wardrobe this summer

Among the trendy shoes, these are the trendy sandals that can’t be lost in your shoe wardrobe this summer

In this season between spring and summer, you never know which shoes to wear. Sneakers, even breathable shoes, make our feet sweat. Dancers or moccasins, although more practical, are the cause of annoying blisters. So, the solution to our problems are sandals, comfortable and new, perfect for when the warm season begins.

But the models to choose from are always so many and we can’t tell which one is comfortable either. It’s true that the feet are exposed and you don’t have to worry about perspiration, but the important thing is that they are comfortable. Especially if we walk a lot, ride or stand a lot. But not only that, the eye also wants its part, which is why we also like beautiful shoes.

Among the trendy shoes, these are the trendy sandals that can’t be lost in your shoe wardrobe this summer

Among the various models of the latest collections, this year we see a very special one. In production for many years, it returned to vogue summer 2022. However, the model we are talking about is not a model that at first glance can be considered “beautiful”. But, as always, fashion and It makes even the strangest things go in direction. We’re talking about a Franciscan sandal with a preformed footbed.

The shoes you love or hate

This cork shoe with a sole that adapts to the foot is not always loved by everyone. Not for convenience, but for appearance, which many consider unrefined. But this year here comes a change of trend, all these models are standing out again. They are produced by some well-known brands, but now there are many who make them. There is the classic, with two bands that protect the instep or with a thicker one. But the one who achieves the most success is definitely the flip-flop, completely skin-colored.

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A model in production for years has also met with new success thanks to the addition of the backend. Not only the adjustable side strap, but also the additional heel protection. But in order to be really fashionable, we should also choose this sandal in bright colors. With glossy and glossy finishes and fluorescent or ultra-bright colors like blue, red or pink shock.

In short, who would have thought that among these fashionable shoes were the sandals that everyone wanted. It’s clearly the perfect solution for those who prefer comfortable, flat shoes. On the other hand, if we really want to impress everyone, we can’t give up a beautiful heel. But it doesn’t have to be amazing, in fact, a Comfortable heel about 8cmbut in a certain way.


Let’s forget heels or wedges, this is the trendy heel this spring that can’t be missing in your shoe closet!

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