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Marica Pellegrinelli is pregnant after a serious illness.  Who is the father?

Marica Pellegrinelli is pregnant after a serious illness. Who is the father?

Marika Pellegrinelli recently announced her pregnancy, bringing joy and hope after a difficult battle with the disease. The 35-year-old model, also known to the general public as Ex-wife of the famous singer Eros Ramazzottipreparing to welcome a new member into his family.

Marika Pellegrinelli pregnancy

Confirmation of the pregnancy came thanks to the photographers The singer and the womanImmortalized by Marica Pellegrinelli with his partner, Deejay and producer William Djoko leaves the doctor's office. With a bright smile, Marika announced the wonderful news to photographers, confirming that she was destined to become a mother again.

The news of the pregnancy comes at a time of great importance for Marica Pellegrinelli, especially after the frightening experience she went through two years ago.When she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Through a courageous surgery and healing journey, Marika faced her battle against the disease with determination and strength. Now, as she prepares to welcome her new little treasure, Marika RReflects extraordinary inner strength Which prompted her to overcome every obstacle in her path.

Love for his family

Marika Pellegrinelli's pregnancy brings with it not only joy and hope; A feeling of rebirth and gratitude for life. For her children, Rafaela Maria and Gabrio Tulio, aged 12 and 8 respectively, it marks the arrival of a little brother or sister. A new chapter of love and family complicity.

“I never talked about it, partly out of secrecy, partly out of fear, partly out of good luck, and partly because only from a distance could I get a clear picture of that moment. I came out of it much stronger.”

New companion

William Djoko, Marika's partner, is A reserved and very talented personality in the world of music. With Cameroonian, Dutch and Ukrainian roots, Djoko has built an established career as a deejay, producer and musician, standing out for his talent and artistic versatility.

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Through her social channels, Marika He shared his journey of healing and rebirth with his followers After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. With courage and sincerity, he spoke about the difficult moments and challenges he faced along the way, but also about the extraordinary strength and support he received from his family and loved ones. His testimony is an example of resilience and determination for all who face life's challenges with courage and hope.