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The Strathmore Rose Tiara that Kate wears has a mysterious history, what it represents

The Strathmore Rose Tiara that Kate wears has a mysterious history, what it represents

Kate Middleton, the future wife of King William, often wears very sophisticated clothes and accessories that make her even more beautiful than she already is. However, everyone is curious to know the history of Strathmore's pink crown.

Being a princess, it's natural for Kate to wear tiaras, and this is definitely hers One is more beautiful than the otherbut there is something in particular that has caught the attention of many, because it also seems to hide youA very interesting story that not everyone knows.

In fact, there is a mystery hidden behind the wonderful Strathmore Rose Tiara. A crown of inestimable value that provides a gift to its wearer Unique light and all eyes are on you For her amazing beauty.

This is how one can describe Princess Kate's tiara, as elegant and sophisticated as its owner, who perfectly embodies it. Known and loved by English families, Kate has always been described as a gorgeous, elegant and sensitive woman.

However, there seems to be something behind the crown Curiosity that makes her more famous

The secret behind the Strathmore Rose Crown

Everyone has seen Kate at least once Wear this gorgeous Strathmore Rose tiaraBut it seems that not everyone knows the details behind this very precious jewel of the English crown.

A sophisticated and elegant crown It enhances the princess's face even more And any style fits perfectly with Kate Middleton'sAlways very sedate in her color and clothing choices.

During the organized ceremony In honor of South Korean President Yeon Suk-yu And the first lady kim kyun hee, The Princess of Wales decided to wear it, and it clearly caught all eyes on her. It appears to be the object in question He is 100 years old Which has been on display for some time due to its rarity On exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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But what lies behind this much talk about the jewel? Apparently We are talking about the creation of a famous jeweler in London, Catchpole & Williams is located right in the middle of Oxford Street. Everything was made of diamonds which reports Floral decorations. In fact, if one looks closely, the crown It is very similar to a wreath of roses.

The composition described by the gem will consist of 5 flowers are also pins.